FIFA 18 Confirmed Player Rating & Ultimate Team Pack Opening

Hey people its been a while since we posted an article here. So today, we are here with some amazing news and footage of first pack openings of fifa 18.

First things first, EA SPORTS FIFA has released a new trailer featuring the icons in the game. Check this out for more information and stats. For those who can’t watch the video, we will make sure to have video transcription below.

Confirmed player rating for ronaldinho fifa 18 icon card.

Video Transcription:

The video starts with Yashin’s rating in his early stages of the game. With Diving rating of 91, Reflexes 92 and 89 positioning stats, the keeper looked really impressing. His overall rating will stand at 89 for the year 1954.


1960 has also been a good year for Yashin. His stats reflect the game as well. With 93 diving, 93 reflexes, and 92 positioning he will be a star goal keeper for your team. 85 handling and 62 speed is always considered good for a goal keeper. His overall rating will stand at 91 for the year 1960.

Moving on to his prime year, Yashin gets overall rating of 94. Significant improvement in handling (89) and great diving (95), reflexes (96) and positioning of 95 makes him perhaps the best goal keepers in the game. And the best part, he almost links to any defender in the game when you take chemistry into consideration.


Yashin’s quick throw ends up with England’s and Manchester United legend, Ferdinand. The center back from England will have 84 pace, 84 defending and 83 physicality in his first card when he was playing in the year 2002.

His prime year 2006 gives him over all rating of 90 for the center back. With 83 pace, 91 defending and 86 physicality means it’s hard for almost player of any kind to get the ball past him.

2008 has been a descent year for the Manchester United Center Back. The stats reflect his card. With 80 pace, 89 defending and 82 physicality the ex Manchester united captain is one player you can’t ignore to have in your team.


Maradona gets his initial rating of 91 as a CAM in the year 1982. With 93 pace, 94 dribbling, 87 shooting and 87 passing, his card is all worth it to play with, although many can’t afford to get him.

Maradona has been at his peak in 1986. With just 4 minutes left, Diego Maradona scored two goals against england to win 2-1 and eventually take home the title. The second goal sealed maradona legacy as all-time great. That’s the reason why EA presented one of the outstanding icon cards in fifa. 97 Rated Maradona gets 92 pace, 93 shooting, 92 passing and 97 dribbling.

1989 is not a prime year for Maradona but perhaps the second best year for him. 95 rated icon card looks really impressive with 88 pace, 91 shooting, 90 passing and 95 dribbling.

Thierry Henry

Thierry Henry is one player fifa 17 players missed a lot as a legend. That’s why EA managed to bring him as an Icon in fifa 18. The French forward will be rated 87 LW in the 1997 version of the card. With 93 pace, 82 shooting and 87 dribbling, his card looks pretty descent.

Henry comes to life in his next card. A card that has 93 rated as a striker. With 94 pace, 91 shooting and 90 dribbling the card reminded us his days at Arsenal.

He was rated 90 LW in the 2009 where he played alongside Ronaldinho, eto and messi. With 90 pace, 88 shooting, 87 dribbling and 85 passing a truly remarkable card worth trying.


The Brazilian Ronaldo is considered as one of the skill ful and a dangerous attacking farward in the game. His 1994 represents a player rated 90 ST with 94 pace, 90 shooting and 91 dribbling.

1997 rated card is much more effective with 96 overall rating. With 97 pace, 95 shooting and 95 dribbling his card is a great asset for almost any one.

2002 has been a descent year for Ronaldo. His card gets 94 overall rating with 93 for his pace, shooting and dribbling as well. 80 physicality and 80 passing is and added advantage.


King pele’s basic card as an icon starts at 91 rating for his performance in the year 1958, 91 PACE, 89 shooting and 88 passing and 93 dribbling are good stats to start things of.

His second card as an icon is his second best card with CF rating of 95. With 96 pace, 93 shooting and 90 passing and 95 dribbling he was considered one of the best already during those time.

However, he gets a prime card or his best card for his performance in the year 1970. With 95 pace, 96 shooting, 93 passing and 96 dribbling he just made himself an Icon by that time.


Last but definitely not the least, Ronaldinho will also be featured in fifa 18 icons. His first card comes in with 91 rated CAM with 91 pace, 86 shooting, 88 passing and 92 dribbling. He was a best of a player back then, isn’t he?

His second card, the card that represents his time at barcelona he gets a 94 rated LW. 92 pace, 90 shooting, 91 passing 94 dribbling are his major stats to checkout.

The 2010 version of ronaldinho card is not as impressive as his previous cards as his pace, shooting had drastically dropped down. With 80 pace, 85 shooting, 88 passing and 90 driblling his card is still worth it to play in the game.

We also have some more news for you. Pack openings on fifa 18 look crazy good. With new animations for each player, you will love how the look and feel has changed. Following video will have crazy pack openings in fifa 18. You will see likes of Ronaldo CR7, along side

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