FC Bayern Munich Squad for FIFA 17

Fifa 17 is taking their next game to a whole new level. EA has released a video featuring players from one of most popular german clubs, FC Bayer Munich.

EA has released juvantus fifa 17 updates earlier last month and now its Bayern’s turn.

FC Bayern Munich in fifa 17

The opening clip of the video shows Lahm and next comes Robert Lewandowski.

Arturo Vidal, Thiago Alcântara along side Xabi Alonso has also featured in the video. The first voice you will hear in the video comes from their star man, Robben. The dashing FC Bayern München mid fielder talks about the photo shoot that’s conducted by EA Sports.

The video also features real time in game sessions. No surprises there, Ribery and muller were also featured in the game. Looks like EA has partnered with many clubs while Konami has official share taking control over fc barcelona and the camp nou stadium.

While fifa 17 players still play the game with Barcelona, starring lionel messi and others, it is unlikely that the feel of Barcelona stadium will be missed.

The video also shows aggressive tackling by the Bayern Munich defending mid fielder, Arturo Vidal along side some amazing volley finishing by Muller.

The authenticity of the game is amazing and the graphics look much brighter. We are waiting for the game demo to be out soon. We are excited and we believe, you are equally excited as well.

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