Best Players in FIFA 17 Ultimate Team

In our previous article, we wrote about best Spanish players in Ultimate Team with great sprint speed. Today, we want to list out the best fifa 17 players to play ultimate team.

Of course, you should have huge number of fifa 17 coins to buy these players. If not, you should be lucky to grab some great player on an ultimate team pack opening.

The Best Players in FIFA 17 Ultimate Team

Allow us to list out best forwards or strikers in the game.

Best Forwards / Strikers in FIFA 17 Ultimate Team

  • Cristiano Ronaldo – 94
  • Lionel Messi – 93
  • Luis Suarez – 92
  • Neymar – 92
  • GARETH BALE – 90
  • EDEN HAZARD – 89
  • Sergio Aguero – 89
  • Antoine Griezmann – 88
  • Alexis Sanchez – 87
  • Angel di maria – 87
  • Karim Benzema – 87
  • James Rodriguez – 87
  • Paulo Dybala – 86
  • Diego Costa – 86

These are some of the best forwards you can have in your ultimate team. Sure, they are gonna cost you so many coins but they are certainly worth the buy. The quality, dribbling and finishing of all players mentioned above is of very high standard.

Looks like we have quite a few good number of players from Premier League and La Liga alone. These players are worth any game you want to play.

Best Mid Fielders in FIFA 17 Ultimate Team

We hope you are convinced with the list of forwards mentioned above and now its time to checkout some of the best mid fielders in the game.

  • Mesut Ozil – 89
  • Luka Modric – 89
  • Paul Pogba – 88
  • Kevin De Bruyne – 88
  • Toni Kroos – 88
  • Marco Reus – 88
  • Ivan Rakitić – 87
  • David Silva – 87
  • Arjen Robben – 87
  • Sergio Busquets – 87
  • Arturo Vidal – 87
  • Cesc Fàbregas – 86
  • Claudio Marchisio – 86
  • Dimitri Payet – 86

Best Defenders in FIFA 17 Ultimate Team

After the best farwards and defenders in the game, lets take a quick look at the best defenders in fifa 17 Ultimate team.

  • Jerome Boateng – 90
  • Thiago Silva – 89
  • Thiago Silva – 89
  • Pepe – 88
  • Giorgio Chiellini – 88
  • Diego Godín – 88
  • Philipp Lahm – 88
  • David Alaba – 87
  • Mats Hummels – 87
  • Leonardo Bonucci – 87
  • Toby Alderweireld – 86

So that’s the list of best players in fifa 17 ultimate team. Now this is not all, we sort our best players based on nation and leagues. So stay tuned to this post.

Best Attacking Players with Cheap Coins from Spain for LaLiga Santander

  • Williams 
    • 80 Rated Williams from Athletic Club de Bilbao has a great pace. His 92 pace, 75 shooting and 79 dribbling means he can add some value to your laliga team. Buy him cheap with 1500 – 2000 coins on your xbox one. He is worth a game if you play him as a substitute in the second half of the game.
  • Lago Aspas 
    • With shooting 80 and dribbling 84, this RC Celta de Vigo striker can add some value to your team with some cheap coins.
  • Aduriz 
    • A descent striker with 83 finishing and 76 dribbling. With 79 physicality, this striker is tough to hold. You can buy him for about 1000 – 2000 coins. A good buy for a cheap striker.
  • Paco Alcacer 
    • The barcelona striker has 80 finishing and 76 dribbling. A cheap striker who is worth your coins in the initial stages of your game.
  • Ruben Castro 
    • With 83 dribbling and 80 finishing, this Real Betis Balompie striker is a good one to hang on with. Will be available for cheap coins if you look for him at the right time in the transfer marker.

Best Attacking Players from England and the Premier League with High Pace

  • Jamie Vardy –  93 Pace. The premier league chapmions last year, Leicester City very own fantastic MR. Fox is leading the list here. He is an amazing sprinter and can easily outrun the defense.
  • Callum Wilson – 91 Pace. The striker from Bournemouth is seriously fast. With a pace of 91 he can easily outrun the defense. His finishing is a bit low though. Make a clear cut one on one chance with his pace and you should easily score some good goals.
  • Andre Gray – 91 Pace. Burnley’s very own speedster with 91 pace comes in really handy in the second half. His shooting is below a descent shooting range but with one-on-one situations, he should come in upperhand to finish.
  • Marcus Rashford – 90 Pace. Manchester United’s wonder kid is a little expensive. But this young gun can easily outrun the defense and score goals.
  • Daniel Sturridge – 89 Pace. Sturridge, remember the game. With 89 pace and 83 finishing, this man is a thunder. Just get him and play him in your squad and see the difference.

Best Players in Mid Field from England and the Premier League.

  • James Ward-prowse
    • When we consider someone for the midfield we consider passing and dribbling. If you look at the top England player in premier league with highest passing, James Ward Prowse comes in at the top of the list. With Dribbling 74, he should be a descent pick if you are building a premier league based ultimate team in fifa 17.
  • James Milner
    • 83 passing and 77 dribbling is something not low. With a defense of 69 and 76 physicality, milner is a good pick.
  • Jack Wilshare
    • If you ask me to pick up a best mid-fielder for a premier league based ultimate team, I would pick up Wilshare. 81 PASSING AND 84 dribbling. That’s more than enough for a good mid-fielder. 76 Pace is not high but sure it is descent enough for a mid field player.
  • Jordan Henderson
    • 81 Passing and 75 dribbling for a midfielder, is something that should be considered into account. Although its not high, you have to consider this man, if you are trying to build a premier league ultimate team.
  • Wayne Rooney
    • With 81 passing, 79 dribbling and 84 shooting, Rooney is a Gem for a team that’s built based on English Squad / Premier League team. The Manchester united ace has 86 physicality which makes him harder to outrun.
  • Gareth Barry
    • His pace may be terrible, but his passing of 80 and defending 80 makes him a beast. One of the best English based defending mid-fielders alongside Michael Carrick.
  • Michael Carrick
    • Strong defending mid fielder with 80 passing and 76 defending. One of the coolest CDM in the premier league.
  • Adam Lallana
    • Dribbling master mind in one of the premier leauge’s big team, Liverpool. A dribbler, who can make some handy passes to Raheem Seterling. A good player to have in your fifa 17 ultimate team.
  • Raheem Sterling
    • 93 pace and 86 dribbling is something that makes this man a good right or a left mid field player. His passing is on a lower side but he is such a good player to have in your premier league team.
  • Theo Walcott
    • His 93 pace makes opponents back line back fire. Walcott has 80 dribbling and 73 passing 77 shooting makes him a descent Left Mid Fielder.

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