Best Traits in FIFA 17 Pro Clubs

There are about 21 fifa 17 traits in total, each of it having its own specialty. Few cost 1 skill point and few cost as many as 4 skill points.

Now, earning these skill points is easy, its not rocket science. All you have to do is to play good number of Pro Club league games and club matches and make sure to play them well. That’s all you really require. By the way, tell us how many skill points to do you have?

Once you have skill points in your pro clubs account its time to choose best traits that work for you. These traits can increase your pro clubs player ratings to a good extent. So lets talk about our next topic.

How to Choose Best Traits in FIFA 17 Pro Clubs

Wait, best traits? What do you mean? Every trait has its own significance. So what do you mean by choosing best traits in fifa 17?

Well, you can’t get same traits for both a striker and a defender. Although few can be brought in common, definitely not everything can be in common. A striker’s role is different from a defenders role, so there is some difference.

A striker no longer needs a Sliding Tackle trait which is worth 1 Skill point. And yes, a defender has no use of having a Finesse Shot trait. Although both can be acquired for corresponding positions, its not worth getting them. So its obvious that you have to choose the best traits that work for a defender / striker / mid fielder / a Goal keeper.

Best Traits for a Striker & Mid Fielder (Common Traits)

best traits in fifa 17

The player position for this traits includes Striker – ST, Left Striker – LS, Right Striker – RS, Right Winger – RW and a Left Winger LW.

  • Skill Moves trait (3 Skill points): First of all, get it. It comes under DRIBBLING attribute and is worth 3 skill points. You will need it and its a must have trait in fifa 17.
  • Finesse Shot (3 Skill points) which is worth 3 skill points comes in handy for all strikers as well as for both Left / Right Winger. As a Winger, you can get into the box and make a clear fancy curling finish. It looks and feels awesome if you can score a goal like that.
  • Week foot trait(3 skill points): This is the third and perhaps the most important trait. You need it when you want to score a goal or pass the ball with your wrong foot.
  • Dribbling (3 Skill points): It is the integral part of the game, the dribbling. Always good to have it, but I suggest to grow it naturally. Once you reach peak point naturally, 90 or 91, then add this trait.
  • Ball Control (2 Skill points) adds +4 value to your existing ball control. Not mandatory. We suggest you to grow it naturally. Once you reach peak point naturally, 90 or 91, then add this trait.

One important thing to notice is that all three traits mentioned above will not grow your fifa 17 rating right away but they help you play a better game, which will result in better player rating in each and every game you play. In fifa 17 pro pro clubs the more player rating you get at the end of the game, the better the chances of getting a skill point.

Traits that give you added rating to your over all rating can be obtained later.

Best Traits for a Mid Fielder & Defender (Common Traits)

Defenders are there to defend your goal and defensive mid fielders are there to support defenders. Here are some common traits that come in handy for both Mid Fielders and Defenders.

The following fifa 17 traits are common for Central Defensive Mid fielder – CDM, Right Defensive Mid fielder – RDM, Left Defensive Mid fielder – LDM, Right Back – RB and Left Back – LB.

Best traits for defenders and mid fielders

  • Standing Tackle (1 Skill point) if you are playing as a defender or a defensive mid fielder, you should have this. You can’t be a defender without good standing tackle stats.
  • Strength (3 Skill points): To defend the ball in the mid field or in the defense, a player needs strength. It’s such a vital attribute for player who is playing in the first or second half of the field. A player with great strength can defend the ball or will have greater chances of supporting the defense.
  • Second Wind (3 Skill points) is a great trait to have. It gives you great energy to run across the field. Highly preferred for Defensive mid fielders and to both Right back and Left Back.

These are possibly the best three traits to have for a defensive mid fielder or for right back and for left back. More updates on traits for only for strikers, mid fielders and defenders coming soon.

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