Fifa 17 Ultimate Team Cheap Best Rated Mid Field Players

In our previous article we talked about some cheap yet well rated players in fifa 17 ultimate team. Today, we are here with an extension of that article.

If you are looking for great players with great number of coins with you, please check the list of the best ultimate team players. They are the best players in the game and if you afford them, don’t even think a second, they are well worth every coin.

Best Rated Cheap Mid Feild Players in FIFA 17 Ultimate Team

When I say cheap, please consider having 1000 to 3000 coins. You can’t really get a good rated player with anything less than 1000 coins. Although there are few gems worth below 1000 coins, but they are very rare.

So, lets get to the article right away.

Parejo – 1000 coins, Cheap Player in Deed!

Parejo is one of the finest Spanish mid field player in the game who can be brought for dead cheap price. As a mid fielder, he is capable of distributing the ball all around the field. With Short passing 90 and Long Passing 87, curve 86 and vision 85, this Spanish mid field player is our first pick. He is indeed a very cheap player to grab.

Pirlo – 1000 coins, Cheap Player with Best Passing in FIFA 17


If you look at a mid field players in FIFA 17 who are really good at passing, then you will find out Pirlo on the top of the list.

His vision, his accuracy in passing the ball are highly impressive. With short passing 88, Long Passing 90 and Vision 94, this player is the one you need to deliver killer passes.

And then, if you are looking for someone who can finish the free kicks with ease, pirlo is someone who can deliver you the goods. With Curve 92, Free Kick 93 he is perhaps one of the best free kick takers in the game. Grab him if you are building an Italian team.

Best of all, you can grab him for 1000 to 2000 coins. Get him and see how your game changes.

Milner – 1600. Cheap Player with Great Stamina

Milner is a beast in the game fifa 17. With Stamina 91 he can run all around the pitch with ease.

His passing attributes are impressive too. With crossing 86, he can deliver really good balls to your target man. Short passing 85 and Long passing 82 are really descent for a player like him.

Apart from that, the mid field player can also shoot from distance. With shot power 87 and long shots 81, you can expect some stunners from him. Suits for any English Premier League team.

Carrasco – 1800. Cheap Player with Good Pace.

With Acceleration 87 and Sprint speed 89, this dashing left mid player can create great chances. Although his passing attributes are below par, he can cross the ball well to create header chances for a tall target man.

The left mid costs just 1800 coins. His pace can create good chances, so give him a try.

Ander Harrera – 2500 – Cheap Premier League Player

This Spanish player is well known for his ball control and short passing. This Manchester United center mid can create good chances with impressing short passing and vision of 86.

A descent dribbler with good balance. His stamina of 80 means, he can surely run the game well enough for any team he plays for.

Shinji Kagawa – 3100 – Cheap German Player

Kagawa is well known for his dribbling skill in the real games. He has great Agility and balance. Both his agility and balance stands at 92. With ball control 84 and dribbling 87 he can easily pass through defenders.

His short passing and vision towards the game are highly satisfactory. Give him a try if you are building a German league team and you are short of coins. He is worth a deal.

Borja Valero – CAM – 1500 – 3000
Wesley Sneijder – 2500 – 3500
Oscar – Cam – 4900
Benat – 1000
Samir Nasri – 2700

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