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After a huge success of FIFA 16, its time to start playing FIFA 17. This page will update all the news related to fifa 17 release dates. So stay in touch.

Update May 21st 2016

EA has a habit of releasing games at a particular time. FIFA games in particular. We’ve been playing the game from FIFA 05 and we have come so far.

Almost all the time, EA released their famous sporting games in September. Typically FIFA games were released in between the third and the fourth week of September.

If you take a look at previous releases, FIFA 16 for all consoles, which include (Xbox one,PS4, PS3, Xbox 360 and also PC) were released on September 22, 2015.

The game’s demo was released on September 8 2015. Which was second Tuesday in the month. If you also look their FIFA 15 demo release date, it was September 9, 2014. Again, that’s second Tuesday in the month of September.

Looking at this pattern, the game’s demo should be out on September 6 2016 or September 7th 2016. 

Update 27th May 2016

No, update on the FIFA 17 Release Date from EA but we are still expecting the game to be released on September 2016. Meanwhile, we also learnt that EA’s closest completer for fifa 17 is Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer 2017. We don’t have much information on the fifa 17 title and we expect more details to be out in the next month, may be at E3.

It is clear that EA is about to have many more changes to the game in its next version, FIFA 17. CEO Andrew Wilson has claimed that there will be “major leap forward in personalization, immersion and competition”.

fifa17 messi

Games like Madden NFL 17 along with NHL 17 will have their part of share too. A very recent leak confirms that a women’s team of Norway, ranked 10th will be in FIFA 17.

Official announcements of EA are generally done by the end of May. Sure, we may expect an announcement later this week or in early stages of next week.

Update: 7th June 2016.

So, much awaited fifa 17 release date is out. Its September 29th 2016.

6 thoughts on “FIFA 17 Release Date

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  2. There are few hundreds of requests coming up as fifa 17 wish list. We are listing out some of the most widely commented fifa 17 upgrades people requested.

    First of them being an opportunity for people to quit from a game on fifa pro clubs with out loosing the stats acquired in that particular game.

    Right now in fifa 16 as we quit the game the game status that we acquire in the game will be lost and are not saved.

    fifa 16 allows very high levels of twerking in the player who are playing for pro clubs, they should also allow people to upload pictures right from the console instead of uploading image to a portal.

    They should also allow people to access faces of famous football players tool. That will allow players to add faces of famous players like messi, ronaldo, bale or any one for that matter.

    People are also looking for more reality checks in fifa 17. If we miss a goal, player should show the emotion in different ways rather than playing same old disappointment animation in the game.

    Adding more teams is too much to ask for right now, but EA should also invest their time on adding wonderful teams into the game.

    More injuries should be added into the game. Not just leg injury which is common. People should also feel the injury in the head and more animations should be added to just show that.

    When you take PES 2016 into account there are few things they do great. When I say, great I really mean it. In PES, when a player is about to score the goal the people will feel the excitement. when a player is about to score. The voice levels are just amazing.

    Raising player hands is one major inclusion in the game, but when the player is taking corner kick, its good to raise his hand too. There should be some communication happening between the player who is taking the kick the player who about to get the ball.

    Are you including UEFA Champions league and europa league this year. This is one crazy request coming from people all around the world and I am definitely not the only one who is requesting for the change in fifa 17 game.

    1. The wishlist is really something EA would look at and try to implement in the next versions of their game. But the point is there are too many requests coming in and EA will try their best to cover as many requests as possible.

      Just like fifa 16, I am imagining that the game developers may make 5 to 10 critical changes to fifa 17. And I don’t think many of the changes will be displayed in the game demo. However, EA will make sure to show the core changes in the demo certainly not all of them.

      I am also expecting that Leceister city team’s rating will be enhanced to a great extent. It’s not just leceister, there are few other teams who surprised the world this year, looking to see the upgrades in the team now. I hope leceister will no longer be a 4 star team, it should be at least 4.5 star team or 5 star team.

      We are pretty excited to see the changes coming up. We will make sure to update you will all new changes out here.

      Thanks for the wonderful comment.

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