Fifa 17 Demo Review, New Features and Teams

Fifa 17 demo is out and I played it right after installing it. I played  my first game, followed by a second and followed by a third and this process when on until its time for me to leave to my office.

The demo is so good that I can’t imagine playing fifa 16 anymore. Its time for an upgrade.

EA has also released an official trailer for fifa 17  The Journey. Alex is seen at different phazes of his life playing football. Check it out below.

The video starts with Alex taking a penalty on the pitch. The frostbite engine seems to have done the trick for EA for their most successful sporting game fifa. The visual looks of the game is astonishing.

Fifa 17 Demo Review for Xbox One

The game play looks much improvised.

I tried the game demo on Xbox One as soon as it is released. Unlike the previous version fifa 16, the new game, fifa 17 looks more natural. Perhaps this is the kind of game we’ve been expecting all these years and now it is here.

Fifa 17 Demo New Features

There are no extra features in the game, we just noticed all new features we’ve mentioned in one of our previous posts. The new way of taking corners and free kicks may just revolutionize the game even further. The style gives more freedom to get the ball when you wanted.

The game allows you to pass the ball to your opponent while shooting

Official Fifa 17 Demo Teams

Here are the teams you can play in fifa 17 demo. Although Manchester United is not available to play one on one, you can still play with Manchester United and Alex Hunter in The Journey. Leicester City is expected to be in the game but its not available.

Manchester United
Manchester City
Real Madrid
Paris Saint-Germain
Olympique Lyonnais
Seattle Sounders
Bayern München
Tigres U.A.N.L. (MX)
Gamba Osaka

Fifa 17 has no other features like Ultimate Team, Pro Clubs or any other online game play modes. Gamers can now enjoy playing authentic football, perhaps the most realistic football ever played.

The Journey in FIFA 17 Demo

The journey is fifa 17 demo looked fantastic. Although the demo features the very minimal version of the journey, you can feel the excitement on how things look like when a player makes it to professional football team.

Alex Hunter gets his first chance as a substitute. Alex is expected to get a rating more than 7.0 to impress his manager. He is also expected to win the game against Chelsea.

When I played the game, Manchester United were behind 1 goal with a score board of 2 goals for Chelsea and 1 goal for Manchester United. I managed to equalize and get the rating to 8.0 by the end of the game. Alex hunter is seen along side zlatan ibrahimovic in the dugout.

Over all the experience of playing – The Journey feels good. I can’t say much about the new feature until I try the full version of the game.

While EA rated Ronaldo 94 in their latest post we noticed that ronaldo is rated 93 in the demo.

Its unclear why EA released older ratings for the players, hopefully we may see the updated ratings in the full version of the game. The total list of top 50 players in fifa 17 is listed here.

We didn’t see any squad building challenge in the demo and perhaps this will be available in the full version of the game. We are not sure if the demo will be available for Xbox One S its official that the demo is all available for Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

Top Teams in Fifa 17

FC Bayer Munich in FIFA 17 looked very solid. Their defence is deadly who is well guarded by Goal Keeper Manuel Neuer, who is rated 94 in the demo.

Well, that’s some ratings for a goal keeper because he is one of the best goal stopper right now. Muller and Lewandowski shares 85 and 90 rating respectively and they are looking quite solid at the front.

Midfield is also looking great for the team.

If you ever ask me what’s the top team in fifa 17, with out hesitation, my answer would be FC Bayer Munich.

Real madrid look solid too. With ronaldo rated 93 alongside James and Karim Benzema, real are strong team too. Barcelona’s ratings are not officially yet so far. So, we can;t move on with a conclusion.

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