Latest FIFA 17 Demo Release Date, Teams, News & Updates

We are expecting fifa 17 demo release date to be in the early weeks of September. There is no official confirmation from EA as of now. So, we are here to talk about the latest fifa 17 demo updates. Right from FIFA 17 Demo release information to team news and latest updates about the game.

FIFA 17 release dates are not confirmed yet by EA but and we are expecting the game by end of and will be available by 29th of September.

Here is FIFA 17 Demo Release Date news.


FIFA 17 Demo Teams

As you would expect, we are expecting the following league teams to be in FIFA 17 demo.

  • FC Barcelona
  • Borussia Dortmund
  • Borussia Mönchengladbach
  • Leicester city
  • Inter Milan
  • Manchester City
  • Paris Saint-Germain
  • Real Madrid CF

FIFA 17 Demo Teams (Updated)

Fifa 17 beta release is exiting games all around the world. While people are checking out for demo release date we are here with some great news. A news that will tell you the teams available in fifa 17 demo.

We asked a question on twitter

To which we got a response that talks about all available teams in fifa 17 demo.

@iTzPedroHDi10 confirms the teams available in fifa 17 demo. And here is the final list for you.

  • Inter Milan
  • Juventus
  • Manchester City
  • Manchester United
  • Olympique lyon
  • PSG
  • Real Madrid
  • Sounders fc
  • TIG fc tigers
  • FC Bayern munich
  • Chelsea

The teams that may appear in the next version of Demo should be same as last year’s release. But we are expecting the EPL winners Leicester City to be in the demo.

Following are the expected fifa 17 demo stadiums.

  • Santiago Bernabeu – Real Madrid.
  • CenturyLink

We can’t comment on any other stadiums that might feature in the game.

FIFA 17 has the new feature that everyone have been requesting from few years now. Yes, its controlling the dead ball.

The players can have great control of any dead ball situation in the game. Free kicks, corners and even throw ins will have great impact with the new feature EA has revealed in their latest videos.

EA claims, inspired by James rodriguez, the free kicks will have new ball physics based on where the free kick is taken from. The gamer can control and move the free kick taker to place himself at a better position to strike the ball.

Not just that, corners are revamped too. While taking the corner kicks, the gamer can now select and place the cursor on the ground where they would want to play the ball. Depending on the power and direction given, the trajectory of the ball changes.

Throw-ins are modified too. The gamer can now move the throw taker left and right to give him good position to make a perfect throw. None of these features were available in any previous version of fifa games of fifa demo games.

We are expecting more new features into the game. We can experience the new game very soon as fifa 17 demo release date is expected very soon.

We will keep you posted on the new changes. Until then, its good bye.

Update 22nd Aug 2016:

You may have noticed twitter, there has been numerous leaks about the fifa 17 on twitter. Some of the latest leaks include Manchester United Ratings in fifa 17 along with many other club teams that include Barcelona and Real Madrid.

Manchester United has a good start to its premier league era. 6 points out of 6 in the opening week ends of the premier league, United are standing tall to clinch the title this year. Thanks to  zlatan ibrahimovic’s stunning goals this week end.

Apart from that, Barcelona and Real Madrid are having a good start too. Both teams are defending La Liga and Champions League respectively. Barcelona’s 6-2 riot over Real Betis stands are a proof that the catalonia team is very strong to defend the title.

Lionel Messi and Suarez shared 5 goals between each other.

Now, let us share the leaked ratings of other teams in different leagues.

Juventus F.C. Ratings in Fifa 17

Fifa 17 squad for Juventus looks quite good. Hands down really. Dybala and Higuain at the top of the line with strong mid feild that includes ex barcelona right back, Dani Alves, Alex Sandro, Khadira, Pjanic. They look solid attacking and mid fielding positions.

Defence on the other hand is quite solid too. Chiellini and Barzagli in the defending line up and don’t forget, Buffon guarding the post, Juventus FC is a very strong team to beat. They are strong physically and mentally. Its a good team to pick up in fifa 17.

Juve also has a good strikers in Subs. Mandzukic and zaza 83 and 80 and Pereyra 81, the center midfeilder, Juve is a class team.

Chelsea Ratings in Fifa 17

Chelsea are well known for their defense. With John Terry and Cahill in the center positions ratings 85 and 83 respectively. Ivanovic as a right back who can support attacking moves along with Azpilicueta as a left defender. They look really good.

Chelsea has a very strong mid feilding side. Both attacking and defending mid feilders. Kante, new signings from Leicester City, Fabregas the ex barcelona player who currently rates at 87 in fifa 17.

Attacking mid fielders include Oscar, Hazard, and Willian.

Costa who is rated 86, Pedro, Batshuayi and Remy should make good impression in the team.

Pep’s Manchester City Ratings in Fifa 17

Pep guardiola’s new Manchester city are on top of the table at end of 2nd week of premier league games.

No doubt, pep’s arrival at Man City clearly shows some good signs of title take over. Man city will have tight competition from Manchester United, Chelsea and Arsenal.

Pep’s team is looking strong. Here are player ratings for Manchester City in fifa 17.

Aguero 89 means that he will be the star striker at the club. Nolito and Sane supporting striker on either ends as right striker and left striker respectively.

Gundogan and De Bruyne in the middle should keep the game tight in the mid field.

Nasri and Silva who are rated 83 and 87 respectively can support the mid field if required. The attacking in fifa 17 is crucial but without good defense no team is perfect to clinch a title.

Mangala and Otamendi support the central mid field with 80 and 85 respectively. Sagna the Right back is rated 81 and Clichy the pacy left back is rated at 80.

Toure who is rated 86 may miss matches at Manchester city. Pep is not showing much interest on the player so far.

With a strong side and a descent bench power, Man City can show the world what they are capable of.

Arsenal Ratings in Fifa 17

Many would say Arsenal is one of the favorite to win this year’s premier league for which we agree.

The fifa 17 squad looks strong too. Here are Arsenal’s fifa 17 ratings. With Giroud tall strong man at the top of the squad supported by Sanchez rated at 86 in the attacking duties. They have a strong attacking line.

Ozil, the star of Arsenal squad who is rated 88. His share of 19 assists in previous premier league season has helped himself to attain handy ratings in fifa 17. Ozil is supported by Ramsey in the right who is rated 82.

Wilshare has missed a lot of teams games last year this time he is rated 81. Cazola is rated 85 considering his presence in previous season, 85 looks good.

Oxlade-Chamberlain 78 is something of a shock to us. We think he should have been at 80 or something.

Arsenals defense looks not so great but certainly good enough. With Koscielny 84 standing tall in the heart of Arsenal defense, Gabriel supports him with 78.

Bellerin the right back is rated at 77 and Monreal the left back is rated 80.

Over all, a strong attacking side with a team which will need some extra defending confidence.

Liverpool Ratings in Fifa 17

Liverpool has the ratings revealed in a leaked tweet. While some would argue the ratings were well below mark we don’t consider many changes expect for few.

Perhaps Emre Can and Clyne had better ratings.

Anyways, here are the leaked ratings for liverpool fc in fifa 17.

Sturridge is rated at 83 and his support in attacking force Roberto Firm is rated 82. Benteke takes 80 for his hedding abilities. Perhpas needed a little better rating.

Coutinho surely the best player in Liverpool, the number 10 is rated 84. Milner on right wing takes 80.

Henderson and can sharing 79 each. Lallana takes 81 to support the mid feilders.

Matip gets 81 who is supported by lovren in the central defense who takes 79. Clyne gets 80 and Moreno gets 77.

Over all, the ratings looks descent but surely not good enough to capth up on top teams in fifa 17.

Atletico Madrid Ratings in Fifa 17

Tottenham Hotspur F.C. Ratings in Fifa 17

Leicester City Ratings in Fifa 17

West Ham united f.c Ratings in Fifa 17

Borussia Dortmund Ratings in Fifa 17

West Brom Ratings in Fifa 17

Watford Ratings in Fifa 17

Swansea Ratings in Fifa 17

Galatasaray Ratings in Fifa 17

Sunderland Ratings in Fifa 17

Southamton Ratings in Fifa 17

Middlesbrough Ratings in Fifa 17

Hull City Ratings in Fifa 17

Everton Ratings in Fifa 17

Crystal Palace Ratings in Fifa 17

Burnley Ratings in Fifa 17

Bournemouth Ratings in Fifa 17

Benfica Ratings in Fifa 17

FC Bayern Munich Ratings in Fifa 17

Inter Milan Ratings in Fifa 17

So that’s the end of the list for you folks. We will add more team ratings as and when they appear on twitter. Again, these are not final until its known officially. These are some leaks and judging by the player ratings we believe these are genuine enough fifa 17 team ratings. So, we hope you found this interesting. Let us know if you find something crazy and we will be glad to share it on this page.