FIFA 17 Early Access – One Month Ahead of the Release

After playing fifa 16 game last year, many said its the best fifa game around. Well, you may agree with them.

This year looks like something similar is going to happen. With all new game engine in fifa 17 and some cool new features, it is looking evident that fifa 17 is going to rule the game again.

For those who are wondering about playing fifa 17 early, here is a great news. Checkout fifa 17 game trailer that was released a month ago by EA.

When will FIFA 17 officially come out?

It will be September 29 2016. That’s the official date as far as we know.

What’s FIFA 17 Demo Release Date?

The new generation football game demo is expected in the opening weeks of September. Although its not clearly known. Fifa 17 official demo release date is not yet announced by the company.

How fast can I play FIFA 17?

Insomnia58 gamer festival will feature fifa 17. You can play FIFA 17 for Xbox One and PS4. The festival will be between August 26 – August 29 2016. Check out more about news at video gamer.

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