FIFA 18 Attacking Tips – Abstract from FIFA 17 Working Attacking Tips

Attacking is the best possible way to secure a win in tough games. Starting a defensive game can work in few cases; but when you loose a goal or two in the first half of the game, it becomes incredibly hard for you to get on to win the game, particularly when you are playing a good player. This can also be hard when both players are at 0-0 or even at 1-1. You never you what can happen and your opponent may grab a last minute goal to bring you down.

So we highly recommend to play slightly attacking game play and secure a one goal lead before going slightly defensive. Or if you choose to start defensive initially, and can’t manage to score a goal in the first 30 in game minute, make sure to change game mode to slightly attacking to get yourself a goal.

These tips are an extract from the ultimate team tips and tricks guide, make sure to check that out to find the ground basics.

FIFA 18 Attacking Tips

Probably the Best Attacking Tip – Always Understand FIFA 18 Custom Tactics You are using.

If you are a fifa player for few years, you may understand what I mean. You tactics is directly proportional to your players in game activity. If you are playing High Pressure, it means, when you are on an attack, your players make quick runs towards your opponents goal post and while defending, your defenders apply pressure to take ball quickly off your opponent. There are other tactics too, each having its own way of play style.

Alternately, you can also choose your Custom Tactics to control your players on your own. This custom tactics guide here, is a wonderful place to start things off. Its not a video, make sure to read this, its a very good read.

My latest update (12th June 2017): A Custom Tactics Settings when the momentum is against you!

I start with very basic custom tactics. You can choose what ever you want. If you feel the game is a bit laggy or you feel that the AI is supporting your opponent, it means you are in trouble. A laggy game can be because of two reasons, either it can be a connection problem with your opponent or it can be because the game’s AI is basically supporting your opponent or the momentum is with him/her.

When the momentum is not in your side, you are in trouble. If you notice that, make sure to pause the game and open your custom tactics menu.

Bring down / decrease the speed value by 10 points, passing 10 points in “build up play”. This will slow things down a bit. Because the AI is not supporting your team, you have to bring your speed down and bring your players closer to each other to complete some quick passes. Which is what the above two settings does.

Bring down passing and shooting by 10 points in attacking play as well. Again same strategy. When the game is not supporting your team its not a good idea to go attacking, it means you have to slow things a bit.

In defending custom tactic settings, increase the pressure by 2 or 3 points and aggression by 3 or 4 points. This will keep your defense a little stronger. You can decrease these settings depending on your need. Because the AI is not supporting you, in other words, AI is supporting your opponent to be able to attack and score goals, its a good time for you to increase pressure and aggression in the defensive custom tactic.

These changes has helped me to keep my opponent away from goal. This has also helped me change the in game momentum to my favor. After doing these changes I was able to score a quick goal in the next 10 in game minutes. Hope this helps.

Choose the right Formation and Right Player Instructions

Player instructions vary from formation to formation. So make sure to understand how player instructions work and apply them right. You may also want to adjust your custom tactics accordingly.

Quick NOTE: If fifa is an Engine, Custom Tactics, Formation and Player Instructions are the parts of it. If any one of them fail to work well, your fifa game play is going to be terrible. You always have to change one or all of them to influence the game. Player substitution is also very critical. Don’t give up by keeping your subs on bench without substituting, bring them on when you need them. It helps a lot!

So make sure to understand custom tactics and set the right values before you play the game. You will be amazed to see how your players work together to give you win almost every single game you play.

If things don’t work as desired, make sure to pause the game and tweek the settings. This will often help as well.

Change Point of Thinking

If you want us to talk about one of the best fifa 18 attacking techniques, here is it. Its not always about scoring goals. Its not always about rushing your strikers towards the goal.

Its important to understand how the fifa 18 chance creation works. I mean, this changes from game to game. If I am right, fifa 13 has a different way of chance creation. You can’t directly go and score a goal dribbling past few set of defenders.

In fifa 13, the best chance creation is from the crosses from wing and the corners. Headers worked great back then.

Similarly, fifa 17 chance creation is a combination of dribbling, pace and strength. If you know how to use them, you will create more chances than your opponent. It’s that simple.

Alternately you may also want to understand fifa 18 tiki taka custom tactics or custom tactics for counter attacking game. There are few set of defaults and there is an option to set things as well.

Head on to offline match to club you love and check their default custom tactic to see how they play. For example, Barcelona has less number assigned to their passing. This means, their team mates rush closer to ball holder to be able to do quick tiki taka. Similarly, you will have different custom tactics for different teams. Explore them, try them to understand them.

Changing Gameplay Settings and Attacking controls

If you are not new to fifa then you may probably know what I am talking about. Default settings normally don’t work well in fifa. For example, lob passing is aweful if you have it in assisted. You may want to change it to manual to be able to use it well.

Similarly, camera settings should be changed based on interest to gain more understanding. Check out the internet for best game play settings and attacking controls in fifa 18. These settings obviously makes a lot of difference. Also checkout the defending tips for fifa 18 we have a good list that can help you counter attack after making a great tackle in the middle. Hope this extended fifa 18 attacking tutorial helped. We also have a wonderful guide on fifa 18 defending and we pointed the link above. Make sure to check that out as well.

Hope this helped. I will add more points as we go on. Make sure to check our site back again to find more interesting content.

Update: 5th June 2017

Dribbling on the Wings

Dribbling in fifa 17 is quite tricky. The following tip is one thing I found really helpful while dribbling on the wings. I hope this feature will still continue in fifa 18. If it does this will be one of the best fifa 18 attacking tip we can offer you.

Attacking from the center part of the field is always tricky. You have to deal with CDM and central defenders who are way too powerful. Therefore I always suggest to attack from the wings. Its relatively easy to handle with RB or LB than CB’s or the CDM’s.

Coming to the important part, if you have opponent player in front of you, rushing towards you to make a tackle; press and hold the Jockey button while moving forward. This is most preferred in the second half of the field. If you move by holding jockey button and when an opponent player gets near to the ball holder, your player automatically starts shielding the ball. He will turn his back towards the defender, holds the ball and starts shielding the ball. Once your opponent player gets close enough, you can do a quick fake shot backwards and continue towards the third half of the field.

But holding jockey while moving slows you down, right? Here is the best part. After holding jockey button for few milli seconds try holding sprint button. Now continue to press and hold both the buttons to be able to sprint normally as well as shield the ball. Timing is very critical here. If you hold sprint button and jockey button at the same time, your player will do face up dribbling. This is not what you wanted.

Press and hold jockey button for a while and move few steps ahead later press and hold sprint button. If you do this, your player will sprint and will also shield the ball automatically when opponent defenders chases from behind. If you see someone approaching you in front of you to tackle, release the sprint button and continue to hold the jockey button and move ahead as usual. This will make player stop, turn back and shield.

If you have a mid fielder chasing from behind, and a wing back trying to tackle in front of you, try to do a quick fake shot left or right to get away from the wings.

Dribbling on the wings and cutting back into your opponents penalty box is one of the most effective ways of attacking. Even professional players do the same. This simple trick can chance the way you play the game. Lets hope this feature to continues in fifa 18 as well. If it does, then this is perhaps the most important fifa 18 attacking tip I can give you.


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