FIFA 18 Defending Tips – Applies to Any Other FIFA

They say defending is the best form of attacking. This is often proved true in many cases. Although this theory depends on game play style, mentality and skill, we personally prefer attacking game style. That’s why we published something about fifa 18 attacking tips, make sure to check that out.

Now coming to the defensive part of the game. Scoring goals is important to win games but its equally important to defend your own goal post to be able to secure a safe win. So here are some fifa 18 defending tips that can drive easy wins and probably few rage quit’s if you are playing fifa 18 ultimate team.

FIFA 18 Defending – Elite Tips for Better Defending.


The defensive custom tactic in any version of fifa games supports “Cover”. The default setting is “Offside trap”. You may want to tweek this and change it to Cover. This is very important.

You are also responsible for tracking back the position of a defender or any player if you drag him too much out of his position. Sometimes you may want to quickly pull another player to cover empty space manually to fill empty gaps.

Always have an organized back line. Try to prevent any threats with your CM’s and CDM’s. Although this won’t work all the time, you must strive for it. That’s the reason why you must have a strong defensive midfielders with descent passing in your team.

Contain While Chasing and Jockey with Defenders

Believe if or not, holding contain button while chasing your opponent can work deadly. Although its ideal to jockey backwards with your back is facing your goal, this won’t be the case all the time. Sometimes you will end up in a situation when you chase defenders from behind.

Don’t just blindly run behind the defender. Press and hold contain button. This will slow your opponent while your defenders catch up.

VERY IMPORTANT: This can work great if you can chase with your Center Mid’s while your defensive line is ahead of your opponent. Contain the player from behind, quickly switch to a defender and jockey ahead. This will create some confusion and panic. Tackle at the right time with your defender and you win the ball back. This defending tips sound great in theory isn’t it? Trust me, this works great in practical. All you need is practice.

fifa 18 defending

Hold Defenders in their Positions:

This is very, very, very very important. I hope you understand the importance of holding your defense.

When I say, holding the defenders, I don’t mean to hold them and stand like a statue. You must always jockey the right player at the right time to get yourself into a great position to tackle. Master the art of choosing player using “Change Player” button. You must also be able to track players using your right analog stick.

Standing still don’t help a lot, you must adjust your player to jockey forward and make right tackle.

Beating Skill – Berba spins

8 / 10 players use this skill move to get into your box from corners. Countering this skill move is really use.

When you think your opponent is going to do the berba spin. Just stand still. Try standing still holding jockey button also. This works great.

Positioning and timing is really crucial here. You don’t have to tackle this, just stand still at the right position and you will get the ball.

Don’t press and hold contain and teammate press

Positioning your players is #1 priority while defending. If you hold both the contain and teammate press buttons while switching players you are literally screwing yourself with your very own controller.

The buttons are there to be used and they are there to be used at the right time. Not all the time. You can’t press and hold the shoot button all time, can you? You press it only when you need to shoot. Hope you got the point.

Here are few don’t for you.

  • Don’t chase players like a mad man, your players stamina goes down like hell.
  • Don’t switch players and hold contain too much, you will loose player position and obviously loose control of the game.
  • Defending with strikers can work but don’t do it all the time. Allow your opponent to get into your box. Then defend with your CM and CDM. Strikers are there to score goals, there job is not defending. If you defend with forwards, you risk loosing their stamina and loose goal scoring options late in the game.

So, these are some FIFA 18 Defending tips that will definitely for you. These tips are an extract from fifa 17 and will likely work on any other fifa game that supports tactical defending.

Update May 30th 2017

Sliding Tackle.

We somehow didn’t manage to cover this section previously. Sliding tackle is a part of dirty game. If you have no control of your defense and your opponent is too hot to handle, then try to use the sliding tackle.

Of course its the part of the game and definitely a great defending tactic if you know how to use it. But you can get into big big trouble if you time it bad and miss it in the penalty box.

It is one of the over powered defending tactic in fifa 17, I’ve heard people saying they faced opponents who slide tackle the full game. That’s as many as 30 slide tackles per game.

So if you know how to use them, you should use them. Practice slide tackle while playing online season and try them in the fut champions once you  have mastered it.

In fifa 17, you can slide as many as 30 times and can still escape with couple of yellow cards. EA may fix in fifa 18 but still if you can time it well and use it less frequently you can make some really amazing counter attacks.

If you have something to add or comment on a point. Just drop in a comment.

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