FIFA 18 New Features, Trailer Release and Release Date and More!

Alright people its time for FIFA 18 now. The first trailer of fifa 18 is out now. Here are some of the fifa 18 new features that are observed at the E3 event. We will more information as we go on.

EA has confirmed PS4 and Xbox one release dates of the sporting game and the big news is that Cristiano Ronaldo will be the featured on the cover in this years fifa. Check the latest fifa 18 trailer below.

EA has also released more trailers after this post was published. Here are some link you may want to checkout.

The new videos include fifa 18 game play trailer, the hunter – journey returns, and the fut icons in fifa 18 featuring Ronaldo Nazário, Maradona, Henry, Yashin, Pelé.

The journey gets more customization like hair styles, tatoos and clothing. We have also heard that there are 6 chapters with each individual chapter having its own goals. We have also heard that Alex may also play in leagues outside England. Although its just a rumor, we expect it to be true.

FIFA 18 Demo Teams

Atheletico madrid, Bayer munich, Manchester United, Manchester City, Real Madrid and PSG are some teams that may feature in the games demo. These are the teams that are featured in the game that’s on display at the E3 event. So we expect the same teams, maybe few more added to the final version of fifa 18 demo.

FIFA 18 New Features from E3

Some of the highlights of the game include the sun positioning. This years version of fifa will have authentic sun positioning to enhance the game look with cinematic atmosphere grading.

You will also find club specific banners at different stadiums. This was something that’s missing in fifa 17 or its previous versions of the game.

The pitch will also look slightly different than its previous versions. You will have lot of papers on the pitch to bring more football experience, much closer to real life experience.

You will also hear authentic chants as you attack, dynamic crowd (unlike the robotic crowd in the previous versions of the game) and most importantly you can now interact with the fans.

You can get close to them, to a specific area of the pitch and they get close to you to celebrate the winning goals. Much like the ad board celebrations in fifa 17.

Update 12th June 2017

FIFA 18 New Features

Alright people, FIFA 18 game is officially accessible at the E3 event.  Here are some of the top features that you may want to know.

Player Movement

This year’s version of the football game from EA is a little slower yet smoother than fifa 17. Player dribbling with the left stick has improved a lot than any of its previous versions of the game. This is on and off the ball.

Fifa 17 feels good but at some point you will feel those robotic movements which annoys people. This is somehow sorted in fifa 18. Player movement is so precise that your players move exactly in the same direction you are imagining. This is something that lacked in any of its previous versions of the game. This is one of the biggest highlights of the game. You will clearly feel the difference right after playing 10 in game minutes of fifa 18.


If you are good dribbler of the ball in fifa 17, there is some good news. EA has just added faster animations for players who has good dribbling stats. This will allow your player with high dribbling stats to react faster than defenders.

You can also beat players by just moving your left stick in the right direction at the right time. Of-course you can do it in fifa 17, but in fifa 18 its much easier.

We hope that EA can balance this good defending upgrade to high rated defenders, just to have right balance between attacking and defending. The new dribbling system also allows you to move the ball, but not your player around the ball. This is a huge update in fifa 18.

Long Shots are going to be harder

In fifa 17, long shots were easy. Not just because they are shot at the right time but its because of the game itself. In FIFA 18 don’t expect to score those long range shots so often.

EA has made minor adjustments in their game that only shots taken from realistic range goes in, not all of them.

fifa 18 new features, trailers
fifa 18 ronaldo cover

Crossing in FIFA 18 (From the Corners) & Penalties.

Crossing in fifa 17 is little loopy. Be glad that fifa 18 crossing system is about to change once for all. You can now do some amazing dynamic driven curled crosses that swings and beats first defender and then the striker comes in to make an amazing finish. That’s the kind of crosses we are about to see on fifa 18.

Penalties on the other hand penalties seemed to be revered back to older style. Which is of course good news for all of us.

Crowd and Atmosphere

Expect some wonderful in game atmosphere changes and the crowd. Crowd cheering has improved a lot as EA added a lot of variation into the game. You can now go and celebrate with your fans if you happen to score a goal as well.

If you move towards the crowd, they will come near to the pitch to celebrate winning moments.

First Published Content

The game is expected to be out this September. EA has officially confirmed that ronaldo will be the cover star for fifa 18 this year.

Portuguese attacker has recently won both la liga and his fourth champions league title. And he will featured in the game that will be out on 29th September.

“It is a real pleasure to be on the cover of fifa 18, its a great feeling and I am grateful to have been chosen.” Said ronaldo.

More details of the game is epected to be out at the E3 2017.

Messi has been in phenomial form as well. He is likely to be the second highest rated player next to ronaldo. No wonder that the real madrid star will be the highest rated player in the game.

The big news however is the EA’s switch from Xbox one to PS4. All ps4 players may well get the legends in this years version of fifa.

The full version of the fifa 18 trailer should be out in the next 24 hours. That’s June 5, probably around 6 PM BST. No official release date of fifa 18 demo is out for now. We expect the news to be out at E3 2017.

The game’s first look is presented on facebook page and now the release trailer fueled by ronaldo. Big news really for fans all over the world.

We shall update this post with new features as EA releases more information. So stay tuned. And hey, make sure to checkout our fifa 18 attacking tutorial and fifa 18 defending tutorial as well. These articles are written based on working tips of fifa 17. We will edit those articles later to improve the authenticity of the articles.

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