Fifa 18 Ultimate Team Tips and Tricks

Fifa 17 is one of those games many love and hate at the same time. There are quite some reasons why I said that. Well this article here talks about fifa 18 ultimate team tips and tricks that will help you win those tight games you always wanted to win; to get promoted or even achieve that much wanted Gold 1 in the fut champions.

Once the game starts you switch to a little defensive mode and make some quick passes to create a quick attack. Your opponent knows nothing much about you and it’s always a good idea to shock your opponent with first goal with in first 5 to 10 minutes of the game. Your efforts come in handy and you score the first goal in the 5th minute. You continue the pressure and double the lead. You are now 2-0 up against your FUT Champions opponent in 15 in game minutes.

Your opponent, obviously is pissed off by then and starts playing aggressive game. And suddenly something happens.

Your opponent who plays with cheap EPL team looks like he is playing with a team filled with team of the season player.
No matter how harder you try, he gets into your box and scores his first goal in the 45th minute. He scores his second in the 60th minute and manages to clinch victory in the final minute with his 3rd goal.

Well, as I said. You were happy that you are 2-0 up in the 15 minute and by the end of the game, you are totally upset because of the game mechanics.

This is not just you, this happens to even pro players. But the only thing that differentiates you and a pro player is the tactics they use to counter when the momentum is against them.

Well, I have some working tips and tricks that helped me at different phases of the game. I’m very sure these fifa 18 tips will help you at different phases in the game.

Fifa 18 Ultimate Team Tips and Tricks

Don’t be scared to tweak the custom tactics:

Fifa is not just about playing the game. It’s mostly about tweaking the settings. Like custom tactics, switching between defensive mode to attacking and controlling players using player instructions. This applies in game as well.

You may want to adjust these settings at different points of the game to be able to control the game when you feel something is not right or when you feel the game momentum is against you. This is perhaps one of the best fifa 18 tips and tricks that I can share. Here is a case study that you may want to check out.

fut 18 ultimate team tips and tricks

Fifa 18 Tricks – Tweaking the Custom Tactics – Case Study 1

I talked about this experience at reddit.

Dealing with High Pressure and High Aggression Opponents in FIFA 18

Most of my opponents usually start the game with ultra attacking with (High Pressure and High Aggression). If you come up against a team like that, just wait for 5 to 10 in game minutes without letting your opponent score and then pause the game. Go to your custom tactics and change the following stats. Decrease speed in your build up play by 10 points. This is not a fixed number, you can customize these values based on your need. You may also want to bring down the passing to 5 or 10 points. Bring down speed by 10 points. Increase the Pressure and Aggression in between 2 to 5 points.

So here are the settings. Build up play: Speed: -10 Passing: -10 Attacking: Shooting: -10 Defending: Pressure: +3 Aggression: +3

What this does is it counters your opponent’s Ultra attacking game play with High Pressure and High aggression.

You will have more options to make quick passes while attacking and your players tend to defend well when your opponent attacks as we increased pressure and aggression stats.

This usually works for next 10 to 20 in game minutes. Use this to score a goal or two. Then change back to your default settings and try to protect your lead.

Once in a while, my opponents scores a goal after changing the settings, but usually the fault is always with me. Its not the game’s AI fault. These settings is a way to influence the AI for a few in game minutes. Hope this helped.

Now, this is just one scenario. The game is always unpredictable. You may have to adjust your tactics based on the current situation of the game. You may want to try different tactics at different phases of the game.

Here is a strategy that worked for me. This is 100% working for me so you can give it a try.

Fifa 18 Tricks – Tweaking the Custom Tactics – Case Study 2

Every time I was 1-0 up or even 2-0 up at the half time. I always switch to little defensive. For example, if I am playing Defensive until first half of the game, I always switch back to Ultra Defensive right at the beginning of the second half. This switch has almost, always resulted in gifting me a goal. I always (8 out of 10 times) score my next goal in the next 10 in game minutes, If I don’t, then it’s purely my fault.

Best Fifa 18 Tip: You don’t have to master all Skill moves and all dribbling moves to master the game.

I often come across people asking how to do that skill move, how to do that skill move combo etc. Well, to be frank. You don’t always have to.

To win matches, all you need is good passing, good jockeying and tackling while defending in fifa 18 and good shooting while attacking in fifa 18. Fake shot, scoop turn and body faint are more than enough to get you to top 100 in the fut champions. Watch any pro player play, and you will understand this simple fact.

These are some important points to keep in mind while playing the game.

We will update this article with more relevant tactics that work. If you have any questions or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to ask. If you have some tips and tricks that work in fifa 18, please don’t hesitate to share.

Update 23rd June 2016

Fixing Lag Issues in FIFA 18

One of the major challenges EA in fifa 18 is the lag issues while playing online games. People all around the world had problems while playing the online gaming mode, fut champions in particular.

EA may probably come up with more servers. The lead gameplay producer Sam Rivera also commented on the same.

“There have been decision in the past about putting servers around the world – and people who are far from the servers will experience some lag,” he said.

He also stated,

“So, now what we are doing is that there is a group of people just specifically working on connectivity – and they are working very hard to try and provide the best experience.

“Obviously because of geographical reasons, it’s not easy but we are aware that some people are experiencing bad things – especially with competitive gaming.”

“Even losing one game because of a disconnect could mean you do not qualify for the regionals – so we know that, and are working on it. It’s just technically, it’s hard.”

Fixing TV to Correct the Lag Issues

While Internet could be one cause of the problem, sometimes your console and TV can cause problems too.

If you play straight out of Xbox, you TV may have flashy picture processors turned on. This can cause some delay.

These settings can be normally found at ‘Picture’ section of the ‘Settings’ menu.

‘Game’ mode works by turning off a load of these processors, which lowers input lag substantially. There are some reports that delay can be cut up to 50 per cent.

Also make sure to turn off ‘Motion Blur control’ and ‘Noise Reduction’ switch off or deactivated and test the game lag.

Console signal is progressive rather than interlaced

Interlaced signal effects the lag in the game. So make sure to use progressive signal.

Interlaced it’ll have an “i” after it, for example: 1080i.

In progressive, you will see a ‘p’, just like this ‘1080p’.

Your TV output areas in the Ps4 or Xbox One should always have a “p” next to it.

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