FIFA 18 Release Date, New Features & FIFA18 Wishlist

Fifa 17 is out and is doing very well in the market. Almost every one is enjoying the game because of its great enhancements in graphics and a wonderful online game play. But as the days pass by we will want to play the next version, the upgraded version of fifa, don’t we? So, now is the right time to talk about fifa 18 and the wishlist. We may also list of some new features that should be in the new game to take fifa 18 to its next level.

Almost all the gaming websites had voted fifa 17 as one of the best football game. Although there is great positive feedback, the game seems to have few flaws too. EA is expected to fix all the issues in their next football game fifa 18.

FIFA 18 Wishlist


Although FIFA 17 looks amazing, there are grey areas where EA needs improvements. Thanks to the Frostbite Engine for enabling great graphics in the game. Apart from the visual experience they have done a great job in fine tuning the details of the game to enable fluidity in the game.

EA’s new gaming engine also optimized the game to feel great online game, unlike few other titles related to football.

Even after great success of fifa 17, the game has packed up few glitches. These bugs have been reported from all around the world which EA is most likely working on right now. Now, here are few things that we expect in our wishlist for fifa 18.

FIFA 18 Graphics

Sure, fifa 17 had great graphic engine. The game details, the crowd, the referee and the manager everyone is a part of the game now.

Emotions flow the we win or sometimes loose the game. The crowd respond accordingly. Everything looks great. This is just because of having a great gaming engine.

Despite having great engine, there are few glitches in the game too. EA has to take necessary steps to fix them in fifa 18.

These bugs were reported right after fifa 17 demo release and few of those bugs still exist. Things like wrapped faces and missing body part and few others related to it should be addressed. While many bugs are fixed in the first 2 updates of the game there are few more still to be addressed.

EA has to take necessary steps to come up with a better plan to fix those issues. The manager and referee animation has to be improvised too.

AI in FIFA 18

AI has improved a lot in fifa 17 when compared to its previous versions. But it would be great if AI players can play a different game after observing its human counter part’s game. It should capture the moments of human players and rewrite its code to play based on its captured moments.

It has to improvise its game to prevent AI’s predictive nature. Although its hard to achieve, but that’s the ideal state every gamer would love to play. A new AI every single time in every single game.

These are the changes we think are important in FIFA 18. Please drop your comments for suggestions.

FIFA 18 Release Date

The release dates of fifa 17, fifa 16 and fifa 15 are closely identical. All of them are released in or close to September. So judging by the history of the release dates, EA should release its next fifa game, fifa 18, in September 2017, unless there are development issues.

You can expect the fifa 17 demo release date a month before the game release date, ideally in the early weeks of September 2017.

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