Fifa 18 Ultimate Team Wishlist

Change is the only thing that drives any games. Fifa 17 is a wonderful game, like all its previous versions of fifa. But there should room for improvement as well.

Ultimate Team, the most successful feature of fifa will have to bring in new changes to attract more players. Sure, this year’s fifa did unbelievably well, selling over 1.1 million copies in first week. That’s 40 times more than its nearest competition PES.

According to our research, although, pro clubs and online seasons played their part in influencing players to buy the game, Ultimate Team is one of the most widely accepted reasons why players choose to buy this title.

FIFA 18 Ultimate Team

Ultimate team packs lots of great features but there are things that need improvements. Here are some of the top things that needs to be fixed.

Building the Team Chemistry in Ultimate Team

Ultimate Team is all about creating your dream team. What if you like Pogba and Ronaldo or Lewandowski and Messi. Sure, they are not from same league and same nation. So the chemistry between them is obviously not good.

But what if you manage to build team chemistry over a period of games. Lets say, if we play Ronaldo alongside Pogba for about 50 games or so, chemistry should obviously build up. EA needs to consider this.

Adding a feature like this would revolutionize the game. It builds team chemistry between players, which will lead to a better game-play experience.  This will unlock new innovation. Imagine playing with all your favorite players from different leagues and different nations, playing together as a team in the FUT 18.

Player Collision in Ultimate Team:

Collisions with own team mates is something that really annoys everyone. While dribbling towards the goal in the Ultimate team, players from same team often collide with each other. Sometimes, a player from own team comes between the goal post and the striker. And when the Striker shoots, an office flag comes up as the ball makes contact to our own player. This should be fixed.

Offside Calls in the Ultimate Team

In real life football, when player makes a run and notices that he is offside, he will get away from the ball and the game goes on. In fifa 17 and all in all its previous games, this is something that’s not implemented.

Referee should have some intelligence to let the play go on when a player goes back to prevent offside call.

Increasing the Limit of Active Kits in the Ultimate Team

Kits are a great part of Ultimate Team. If the kits of the opponent players collides with each other then the game looks really messed up. How about making 3 active kits instead of 2. This is something that EA should consider.

Sometimes, referee kit matches the players kits which leads to a lot of confusion. Care should be taken to fix this.

fut 18 season

Custom Kits in the Ultimate Team

Custom kits in pro clubs are great. It will be a great added advantage if the new custom kits are added to fut 18 as well. Imagine playing with your ultimate team with a kit of your choice, a kit designed by you.

Selling Consumables as a Group

Selling consumables is real hard in fut 17. There should be some mechanism to sell a group of consumables in a single shot. Select all reated consumables, fix a price and list them all in the market in a single click of a button.

Making Fut Draft Free Once Per Week

Fut Draft is a great gaming mode in FUT. But the cost involved to play the draft is little too much. For an average player, spending coins to play a draft means a lot.

It would be great if EA allows a player to play draft games for free. Maybe once in a month? I don’t know but its great if they can give us a free monthly discount on draft tokens maybe! Whatever that suits best.

Update Ultimate team, players boots & Gloves

As I said, few features in pro clubs needs to be added to Fut 18 as well. For example, you should be able to change the boots of star players or maybe adding gloves to some players. It can be limited to few players, maybe 3 or 4 players maximum to keep it look natural.

Adding Custom Chants

Adding custom chants means alot to many players. This feature will enhance game play experience for each and every player. Imagine, if you are winning and you hear one of your best chants, it feels awesome. This will add a new level of authenticity to the game.

I remember a match i played against Villa, and the Holte-enders were singing, and different songs than i had heard at Chelsea the week before. Stuff like that adds ALOT to the game.

So these are some ideas that we have. Feel free to add your opinions using the comment section below. Make sure to check our cheap ultimate team players, the list has some wonderful names. You should try them.

So, until next time, its good bye.

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