FRANCO VÁZQUEZ 86 IF Fifa 18 Review

Before I start FRANCO VÁZQUEZ 86 IF review, please go to futbin and select fifa 18 players. Select league as La Liga, Position as CDM/CM/CAM and sort players based on Shooting stats. The first player you see will be CAM version of Antoine Griezmann who costs well above 450K on all 3 platforms.

FRANCO VÁZQUEZ 86 IF is the next best player you can find on the sheet. For a price of 38K, he is an absolute bargain. His stats look good which are complimented by his in game performance. With 86 shooting, 87 passing and 89 dribbling and 82 strength and 84 aggression this card looks sick. 90 composure lets him score almost all long shots with ease.

Negatives of FRANCO VÁZQUEZ 86 IF

His standout negatives are his pace, stamina, balance, 3* SM and WF. If you can cope up with those, rest of this card can do absolute wonders.

Positives of FRANCO VÁZQUEZ 86 IF

With Hunter, this card gets 81 pace and 95 finishing. He doesn’t feel so fast but for a CAM 81 pace is quite descent.

His passing is crisp. One of the finest player who can go short passing with ease in la liga.

His shooting, from both inside and outside the box with his left foot is great. With Hunter, he gets 97 positioning, 96 finishing, 92 shot power, 97 long shots, 98 volleys and 89 penalties. What else do you expect from a CAM. 90 Composure always makes sure he wont miss the target if you shoot with his left foot. Please note that his week foot is terrible. Often it felt like a 2 * week foot though.

His dribbling is also great. He always holds the ball very close to his body. Combined with that 82 strength, its very hard to get the ball from VÁZQUEZ.

82 strength and 84 aggression are added advantages for the stats mentioned above.

Overall, this card is really good as a CAM with Hunter Chem style. I had scored a goal and had 2 assists in one game playing with him. I am usually a div 2 / div 3 player and I don’t regret spending 38K on this card.

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