FIFA 17 Frostbite Engine

Very few of us know that it is Ignite engine that drives fifa 16. There are few of us who care about the engine that drives the game. It is the engine that creates the difference in the game play.

If you play the PC version and PS4 and Xbox one version of same game, you can feel the difference.

EA has announced that its top upcoming sports game fifa 17 will be powered by Frostbite Engine. It is the very engine that’s used by some top games. The engine basically creates smooth and beautiful game experience.

FIFA 17 is the first version of the game who is taking over Ignite engine and getting constructed on Frostbite engine.

Looking at the games performance Madden, NBA Live and NHL might get the frostbite engine next year, but for now all the games are staying with Ignite engine for now.

fifa17 Frostbite Engine

Frostbite engine is mostly used in games like Battlefield, Star Wars: Battlefront and Need for Speed. We never know how this engine will improve fifa 17’s look and feel. After all we can see it only once the game is released.

Perhaps the release of the new engine may be the reason why we didn’t hear about fifa 17 release dates so far. Interestingly, fifa 17 demo information is also not out yet.

So get ready to experience a new gaming engine that powers games like Battlefeild and Need for Speed. Lets be ready.

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