Fut Champions – The Ultimate Team Video

After fifa 17 official gameplay video, EA has released yet another video. A video that shows some cool new stuff about the Ultimate Team. The video shows some wonderful new features added to fifa 17.

A new feature called “Fut Champions.”

Fut Champions – The Ultimate way to Complete

Featuring James Rodriguez, the fut champions allows you to play fifa 17 daily knock out tournament. This will give some number of changes to finish the tournament.

The featured video gives 3 attempts on the daily knock out tournament and gives you just about 1 day to finish the challenge. You will have 31 day schedule along with Leaders board ranking.

Play some daily knock out tournaments, earn some in-game rewards. The prices can vary for different tournament.

Daily knockout tournament details needs you to fulfill some requirement.

Requirements such as Having 100 percent rating, having 5 star team, minimum 3 nationalities in your team. The requirements can vary from tournament to tournament.

The prices of Fut Champions

The prices for fut champions tournament can include gold packs, sliver packs or even coins. You can win tournaments to qualify for the weekend tournament or league which can give you bigger rewards on winning.

Rewards can include, coins, rare gold packs, or rare player packs for your ultimate team collection. Jumbo gold packs, MBO premium gold packs can also be won.

Fut Champions Ranking

Win as many weekend games as possible to lead the leader board ranking. Move from bronze to sliver. Silver to gold and from gold to elite and from elite to top 100.

The final rewards can get you gold rated players like reus, hazard, zlatan, Lionel Messi or any one that matters. You can win up 100,000 coins along with packs that include 5 gold players.

Fifa 17 will be available for xbox one s and you can get a chance to get the game 5 days before the official release date. So, its time to check out new offers for xbox one s that comes out with fifa 17 bundle.

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