FIFA 17 All Set For A Grand Release

EA is all set for yet another grand release of one of the greatest sporting games, fifa 17. The game fifa 17 has quite a remarkable number of new features along with a great collection of promising graphics and a remarkably wonderful gameplay.

The latest game-play trailer shows wonderful game-play video, featuring all great players in current generation. Starting with, Marco Reus a player who is featured in fifa 17 cover. The video starts with a tackle on fifa 17 cover star. Vidal take a card for the tackle.

Marco reus all set to take the free kick and the video jumps to the next phaze. Leonel messi and Neymar are shown in the video but not for a long while.

The video also features kane, vardy, bale, ronaldo and Kante (in Chelsea).

All major clubs including PSG, Manchester United, Bayer Munich, Juvantus and Manchester United are all featured one more time before the video that’s released before fifa 17 demo.

Jose celebrating a shot played by Zlatan Ibrahimovic. The video is full of wonderful goals, cool celebration, great graphics and outstanding gameplay. You can clearly see the football festival in one single video.

Great skills, stunning tackles carried by different emotions on the pitch by different managers, including jose, pep guardiola and few others.

Glorious slow motions skills, fascinating goals and glorious celebrations is all you can expect in the upcoming version of the game fifa 17.

Interestingly, Paul pogba, the new Manchester united signing is not seen, at least we didn’t catch him in the video.

The crowd looks more natural than ever and the football pitch look more realistic and colorful this time. Last but not the least, the players now react with sounds, saying yeah after scoring a goal. This looks so cool.

Can’t wait for the game. We are all set for all new game and hope you guys are all set too. FIFA 17 is coming fellows, lets fifa.

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