Fifa17 Gameplay – New Features and More

Fifa 17 is not there yet, for now all we have learnt about the game is just the fifa 17 trailer which was first seen on youtube. We have also talked about the possible fifa 17 new features that cough our eyes while we watched the very first fifa 17 trailer.

Fifa 17 Gameplay

Talking more about fifa 17 gameplay, we don’t expect changes to a great extent. Fifa 16 is such a beautiful game and therefore we can expect minor changes in game play and more changes in how the game looks and feels.

With the introduction of Frostbite engine, it is almost certain that player look much more realistic than previous versions of FIFA. Player movements, crowd presence and everything related to the real world things on the pitch will definitely have a big boost in fifa 17.

We may see enhanced previews of the dressing rooms, along with team chants.

Fifa 16 hosts few bugs in the game play, particularly while tackling players, we can expect that to be resolved in the new version of fifa.

More advanced training sessions,  skill moves and new celebrations will definitely have their part in fifa 17. Although its very early for us to comment on game play enhancements, we surely expect these mentioned above.

We will update this article with latest game play features that are included in the so called beautiful game, FIFA 17.

Update June 16th 2016:

FIFA 17 Multiplayer Game Play

FIFA 17 multiplayer game play is out and there has been quite a buzz in the EA Sports Football world. So, here is a look at fifa 17 multiplayer game play. Just watch the video below.

So, here we go. There are more details on the face. Graphics of fifa 17 remain same but there are more details on the face. Controls are same as fifa 17. The game play is also a bit slow when compared to fifa 17 and when you bump into opponent players it slows you down. Which is quite realistic if you ask me and that’s definitely good thing.

There was a new change we noticed in the game. If you take a close look at the thrown in, the player who is throwing the ball can now move left and right to some extent. Which is nice and it’s definitely a new feature that has been introduced this year.

No, you can’t move your player during a throw in in fifa 16 or its previous versions of the game. More details about the fifa 17 new features here.

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