How to Increase Skill Points in Player Growth

Alright people, fifa 17 is out and there are thousands of people playing pro clubs already.

If you already own fifa 16 in your xbox one or ps4, you are more likely to get 6 skill points right away.

How to use Skill Points

Well, here are some quick tips that can help.

Choose the type of player you want. It can be a striker, a mid fielder or a defender if you wish.

Under Pro clubs section > get into PLAYER GROWTH.

On the top left, you should find your name, along with the player position. Right beside it, you can should find something like Skill Points.

What are the uses of skill points? How to use them?

Skill points helps to increase player stats instantly. You can choose to increase any of the attributes – Pace, Shooting, Passing, Dribbling, Defending or physical.

If you are a mid fielder, I suggest you to get into Dribbling and get “Dribbling and Ball Control” Player traits.

How to Increase Skill Points in Player Growth

increase or get more fifa17 skill points

Here comes the quick answer.

Play as many League Matches and Cup Matches in pro clubs as possible. The only way to get skill points is to play them and play them well.

The more player rating you get at the end of the match, the better.

Skill points are rewarded bases on your performance. Try to clinch more man of the matches and you are more likely to get skill points much faster than any of your team mates.

Well, hope this tutorial helped. More about the fifa 17 update here.

Increase in Player Stats in FIFA 17

Increase in player stats is easy when you are getting from 79 to 80 rather than moving from 80 to 81. Its quite obvious isn’t it.

We got an update from a reddit user who says..

Tbh it doesn’t really matter. The only thing which could make sense (didn’t check that) is to play as much as possible without boosts as these values would increase faster.

Example: Acceleration is 90 (94 with boosts). It is easier to get from 90 to 91 than from 94 to 95. So when you got 91 you can boost easily to 95

How many maximum fifa 17 skill points can we earn?

The number is not known. But a reddit user robbynat0r claims that he has earned 23 skill points. Here is what he had to say.

After having played 110 matches, you definitely do not get a skill point per win in League or Cup matches.
I am now 92 CAM, 91 LS/RS, 91 CB – and have “only” 23 skill points available. In my club we didn’t find a pattern on which the increase of points is based.

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