Making of The Journey in FIFA 17

Fifa 17 demo is out and people are going crazy about the game. There are people who didn’t like the game (possibly PES fan boys) but if you are a fifa player for years, I bet you would love the game.

The journey is a new feature that will be available in fifa 17 this year. No wonder, the game has many more fantastic features like the Ultimate Team, pro clubs, the seasons; The journey is this years added new feature in the game.

EA has released a new video lately showing the making of the journey. As a fifa lover, I really enjoyed it, and I hope you will enjoy it too.

Making of The Journey

The official demo trailer is out with the demo; check here for fifa 17 demo background music.

There seems to be a confusion around the time when the fifa 17 will be launched. We have had our guesses about the fifa 17 launch time here.

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