Manchester United Ratings Leaked Again?

Fifa 17 demo is not far away and we are here with yet another leak.

Like most of the gamers around, we are interested in this leak. Because this leak includes the rating of both pogba and Zlatan ibrahimovic.

Yes, there is a surprise element too. So check this out.

The latest tweet on twitter is creating quite some buzz. Because the last Machester United leaked squad looked quite week but this leak shows a quite strong squad with De Gea: 91

followed by others

Ibrahimovic: 90

Mkhitaryan: 87

Pogba: 87

Schweinsteiger: 86

Rooney: 86

Smalling: 85

manchester united fifa 17 rating leak

Quite strong line up isn’t it?

However, we believe that this is a fake leak. De Gea was rated 87 in the previous leak which looked fair, but 91 from 87 is quite a jump but we don’t think the jump is necessary.

There was no significant performance in his latest games so it looks quite obvious that this is a fake leak.

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