FIFA 17 New Features, Wishlist & Release Date Updates

The fifa 17 release date announcement is around the corner. We might get the news of the game release dates anytime. FIFA 17 demo is one of the most expected sporting game. No official announcement was made so far but we are expecting the demo sometime in September or even earlier.

FIFA 17 New Features

Fifa 17 trailer is out showing of a glimpse of new features that are enabled in the upcoming version of sporting game, fifa 17.

There are three new fifa 17 features that we would really like to highlight.

  • Dressing rooms.
  • Closer look of manager on the field.
  • Frostbite engine adds more glow to the game.

Talking about fifa 17 features in detail.

FIFA 17 Dressing Rooms – FIFA 17 new feature.

The previous versions of ea sports fifa games have never shown us the dressing rooms of the teams before the game. But the latest fifa 17 trailer features Manchester united’s dressing room. With Martial – 9 and Memphis – 7 shirts highlighted.

It was an excellent scene. Here is a preview of the fifa 17 screen shot.

fifa 17 new features

Manager on the field – New Feature in fifa 17.

If you look at the previous versions of fifa, let’s take fifa 16 for example; you would see the manager on the pitch. But you will not have close range view where he instructs players. Looks like fifa 17 has taken this feature to a whole new level.

FIFA 17 trailer has featured a clip showing a close look at the manager in the field. That’s a really cool feature that enhances the look and feel of the game. Here is a look at how the new feature looks.

fifa 17 new feature

That’s not all. We are expecting Jose Mourinho is the man on the field.

Frostbite engine – FIFA 17 New Feature.

Its official that frostbite engine will be featured in the new fifa game from EA. The trailer clarifies all the doubts. The game trailer has featured Frostbite engine’s logo.

Look at how Eden Hazard looks in the game. Maybe that’s because of the introduction of frostbite engine.

Eden Hazard in fifa 17
Eden Hazard in fifa 17

Absolutely, outstanding isn’t he. So, that’s all the new features that we have for you people. We shall update the post with more new features as and when we see them. Please feel free to subscribe to our updates. Until next time, its good bye.

Update 14th June 2016:

For games like FIFA, new features should be introduced every year to keep the players involvement. May it be pro-clubs, FUT seasons or the ultimate season. A new change was necessary to keep the gamers alive.

This year, as a part of new features, EA has introduced something called – The Journey. You can take a close look at the new feature in a video.

Apart from this, EA has also revealed a new feature at E3. The official gameplay trailer talks a lot about different features in the game.

Jose Mourinio is also shows featuring the role of a Man United boss in one of the trailer above. More information about fifa 17 updates will be covered in the next edition.

No official information is available on the fifa 17 demo release dates so far. However, it is clear that Xbox one users with EA access will have their first hand on the game.

If you own an Xbox one, and you are a hard core fifa fan, you are in luck, big time.

FIFA 17 Gameplay (Multiplayer), New Features

The new game play of the insanely popular sporting game, fifa 17 is now available online.

FIFA 17 Demo Release Date (A leak)

FIFA 17 demo release date is expected to be in between Sep 8 – 10. And the teams that are included are as below. We found the following screenshot on the internet.

fifa 17 demo release date

As of now, the demo is also expected to have 4 women club teams as well, which is quite interesting.

FIFA 17 Demo Teams:

  1. Ajax
  2. Arsenal
  3. Barcelona
  4. Borussia dortmund
  5. Juvantus
  6. Leicester City
  7. Paris saint germain
  8. Real Madrid
  9. Roma

Fifa 17 Demo Women team also include Arsenal and Livepool.

Update: 13th June 2016

Fifa 17 New Attacking Techniques Featuring Anthony Martial

Its time to get excited about FIFA 17 as EA has added lot more features to the attacking game play. Featuring Anthony Martial EA has added some new attacking techniques into fifa 17 which will blog your mind.

This new feature allows you to create more chances to your attackers or finish in front of goal. EA has added some of the wonderful techniques used by Anthony martial in real life football.

FIFA 17 Driven Finish Mechanic

FIFA 17 will have a new feature called driven finish mechanic that will allow the attackers to keep the ball low at any moment in the game. Be it when you pass the ball or when you finish it.

fifa 17 new attacking features

This technique includes driving low hard shots into the corner, keeping the volley’s low and hard and low finesse shot. Anthony Martial’s demonstration in the video will help you understand all the new features that were added.

The brand new feature will also allow players to play the headers down which allows player to score more often.

FIFA 17 Passing on Purpose

The new passing system allows player to play threaded through passes that will give the attacker more space to run between defenders. This feature allows curling outside the boot through balls.

The goal keeper can now play driven goal kicks and aggressive throws to give a perfect start to a more accurate counter attacking moves. These features will surely allow the team to make much faster counter attacks which will again result in quick goal scoring opportunity.

Active Intelligence System – New fifa 17 feature for attacking

Featuring Reus, fifa 17 intelligence system allows players to be more smart and accurate off the ball. The new feature allows players to use the free space available in and around defenders.

The players respond to the team even when the ball is not with them. Players will make runs to take advantage of the space available. New run types like fake run, dropping deep to support the play, one player may run away from goal post / forward to get the pass and another attacker runs in behind to make a perfect attacking move.

The defense will be much harder in this year version of fifa with active intelligence in play. Clearly, the new attacking system gives you more chances or attacking options.

16 thoughts on “FIFA 17 New Features, Wishlist & Release Date Updates

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  2. There are few things I observed in the game trailer. Here are few things to be added to the article.

    1: Jose is managing the Manchester united team, and if you look at the trailer Jose is managing the team with the match against borussia dortmund. You can’t see the borussia dortmund team in the picture above but if you see the trailer again, you will see it.

    2: Manchester United and Borussia Dortmund are likely to be in the fifa 17 demo which will be released (we are expecting) in the beginning of September. No wonder, we are also expecting Leicester City to be in the demo but EA may restrict the team with the likes of Manchester United and Manchester City almost guarenteed to be in the squad.

    1. Yes, you may be right. We might see Manchester City and Man United in the team not likely leicester. They are the kings of england and they will only feature them in the full version of the game not the demo.

      Well, talking about the teams that will be in the demo, we are expecting the following teams.
      FC Barcelona
      Borussia Dortmund
      Borussia Mönchengladbach
      Inter Milan
      Manchester City
      Paris Saint-Germain
      Real Madrid CF

  3. When you talk about fifa 17 demo, there are very few details are revealed out there. The game is expected to be released on September 27 in the united states and September 29 to the rest of the world.

    EA has also revealed that more details about the game and fifa 17 demo will be out on June 12. What are more features that are likely to be expected in the game?

  4. Frostbite engine is there to provide the real life experience in the game. If you take a closer look into the previous versions of the EA sports fifa games, the real life experience is something less that what is expected. It’s certainly good but players need more real life game experience.

    When you observe the commentary in fifa 16 for example, its not natural enough. Its good but certainly not the best. Particularly when the attacker is about to score a goal or when a defender makes a spectacular clearance.

    There are more aspects of the game that needs modification. When you play against computer and when you kick off the ball and stand there, the CPU player doesn’t seem to respond well. He kind of gets into you and you loose control of the ball. Artificial intelligence tweaks should be made to improvise the game too.

  5. We have seen messi in the motion capture quite for a long time. Perhaps, EA wanted a change. Anthony Martial, Harry kane and Marco Reus are seen in the motion capture kits. Expecting real life experience in the game big time.

    And don’t forget Hazard, he looked damm good. Hope EA brings that level of realism into the game.

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