Why Opponent Computer Player Play Better than Your Team in FIFA 17

One of our readers asked the following question – “Why is that my opponent computer player always play better than mine in fifa 17?”

Well, there are many reasons why this happens. Often at times its just because of the tactics, sometimes its because of team chemistry and player chemistry.

Let me explain this with an example.

If you are playing online seasons with one of the club or national teams, then you can enable team play styles. You can set it to Full Attacking to attack with full team support or set to Park the bus to keep defending with almost all team at the back.

Use the “Directional Keys” (Move left or right) which is right below the left analog stick to enable any one of them.

You can also set High Pressure to quickly attack your opponent players. SKILLED_NOOB1 says..

Any tactics that are in the down d-pad section are permanent and over right any custom tactics until you switch back. The other set (offside trap, team press etc are quick actions that only last a shirt time)

High pressure means your back line will push right up the pitch and your players will double team your oppo to get the ball back.

Team pressing I think is a kind of quick one off action of high pressure.

Fior example, I use low pressure in my ct but if I want to apply a bit of quick pressure I use TP to win the ball without it changing my default custom tactics.

More on this can be found here.

FIFA 17 Ultimate Team Why Opponent Computer Player Play Better

In fifa 17 ultimate team, things are a bit different. Players reactions depends on lot of things.

Team Chemistry.

Player Chemistry.

Player Fitness

These are top three reasons why players behave differently in different teams.

Team Chemistry

Have players from same league, club or same nation in your squad. Make sure to link them in your formation.

Player Chemistry

Have players at the right positions. A striker players at his best when he plays at Striker position, not as a RW or LW. So make sure to place right players at right position.

Player Fitness

If your players play too many games they loose their fitness. You can either grow them or rest them to gain fitness back.

So these are some probable reasons why your players don’t perform well as a team. Improving these stats should definitely show you some good results.

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