Best Overpowered Premier League Players in Ultimate Team FUT17

Ever wondered how Chris Smalling defends like a 90+ rated defender in fifa 17 Or how Ahmed Musa out runs the deadly central defenders with ease? That’s because they are overpowered players in fifa 17. Here is a list of few players who we believe are over powered in fifa 17.

This article just focused on Premier League players only. We might extend this article later as well. But for now, its just premier league players only. Also checkout our list of cheap fifa 17 players, they are amazing in the game.

The first player who comes into my mind when I say Overpowered is “Chris Smalling”.

Chris Smalling – 84

The Center Back from Manchester united is a beast when it comes to defending. Although his rating proves everything wrong, he is indeed one of the best defenders in the game.

Obviously, quite good in the Air and on the ground as well. If you could manage to escape from him, sure he is going to comeback at you to win the ball again. Try him and you will know why we listed him in this article.

Ahmed Musa – 78

The Striker from Leicester city is quite over powered too. His 93 pace makes him completely agile and his finishing from inside and out side the box is quite staggering.

We had a hunter card on him and this hungry striker runs crazy and his finishing matches his hunger for goals in fifa 17.

Eric Bailly – 82 

Yet another central defenders who exceeds his stats. He has been a good CB for Manchester united, but in fifa 17 he does unbelievably well with Smalling. With Chris Smalling he forms an amazing defending bond. If you see both Eric and Smalling in the central defense then you better play the wing game.

Use a formation with wingers and have good Left or Right wingers and focus on your wing play. That’s the option you will have unless you are a real pro with a magic controller in your hand.

Jack Butland – 82 

Jack had an amazing season and his 82 rating in the game is not what he deserved. But when you play him in your squad, you will see how amazing he is in the game.

We’ve not tried him personally but a highly reliable source believes that he can do everything that Neuer can do in the game. Try him out and let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

N’Golo Kante – 81

Arguably the best center defending mid fielder last season, Kante deserved better ratings in fifa 17. He may not get the best of results for himself but the game gives him great abilities in the game.

The king of interceptions gets some finishing abilities in fifa 17. His passing is improvised as well. Use him in your premier league squad and you will not regret after all he deserves to be in this list of best overpowered players in fifa 17.

over rated player fifa 17 kante

Renato Sanches – 78

This overpowered best in fifa 17 is not from premier league but we just thought we should tell you how good he is.

His over all rating may fool you but his in game performance definitely wont. With Alaba and Boateng link, he becomes an absolute beast of a player in fifa 17. He can create a quick counter attack just too quick. He plays well with the ball, but he is better without the ball.

He gets the ball from the opponent in the mid field, creates the goal with a wonderful counter attacking pass and your striker should do rest of the job. That’s how good he is.

We are also adding a collection of cheap and over powered goal keepers in the game. You can check out more information about these cheap goal keepers here. We will also list over rated mid fielder, attackers and defenders in some of our upcoming posts.

So make sure to check our site for more information about the game.

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