Pro Clubs in FIFA 18 – Skill Points, New Features, Tips and Tricks

Fifa 18 beta is out and pro clubs are much more better in this version of the game. With more entertaining new features its almost guaranteed that you will love this game mode in fifa 18.

But before we start here are some quick updates. Your pro clubs player typically starts with 79 rated player. 15 skill points will be added as an initial deposit. Skill points are used in a slightly different way in this year’s version of fifa. More updates below.

Here is a list of top new features we noticed in fifa 18 pro clubs.

Passing in FIFA 18 Pro Clubs:

Its solid as ever. Trust me on this. While fifa 18 pro clubs game play looks little slow, passing looks quite incredible. I enjoyed playing shot passing and clean through balls. Now because the game play looks slightly slow, its always better to play quick short passing game with deadly through ball or a clear cross in the third half of the pitch.

Setting up 3 pro player roles – Just like fifa 18 Icons.

If you noticed fifa 18 icons trailer video, you will notice 3 versions of cards. Each player will have 3 different roles at different stages of their life. Similarly, fifa 18 pro clubs allows you to create 3 pro clubs player roles. For example, you can have a ST roles, CAM role and also a CDM role.

You can have different settings for each role. For example, your ST can have different height and weight settings than your CDM. You are also allowed to have different traits and fifa 18 skill points for each player role which looks quite obvious.

Having 3 roles quickly allows us to switch the type of player you would want to play with in your next game. This is quite an enhancement to be frank.

pro clubs fifa 18

FIFA 18 Pro Clubs Skill Points

Skill points in fifa 18 pro clubs will have higher number. However the usage of the skill points has changed a bit.

With each game you play, you receive different number of skill points. The number can vary between 1 – 10 or even more not really sure on this. Player growth, traits and stats boost are quite different from fifa 17.

The growth is now based skill points submission on incremental basis. For example, if you wish to increase your pace, you may have to use (1 skill point) for base acceleration boost and (2 skill points) for next level upgrade and so on. The same process is applied for Sprint Speed upgrades as well. As I said, you may need more skill points to process / grow certain attribute or traits.

Five Star Skill Moves in FIFA 18 Pro Clubs

Attaining 5 star skill moves is much complicated in fifa 18 pro clubs. You can’t have straight 5 star skill moves with 3 or 4 skill points like you did in fifa 17. The process is much complicated this time.

To get 5 star skill moves you have to go through 4 stages of dribbling to get +1 skill move. Similarly the procedure also applies for both ball control and agility. Now that requires a lot of skill points. So make sure to quickly play as many games as you can to unlock the 5 star skill moves.

How to Get / Earn Skill Points fast in fifa 18

Well, there is no rocket science behind earning skill points in fifa 18. Its quite similar to how you would earn skill points fast in fifa 17. Make the best of your position you are playing with. If you are playing a striker try to score 1 or more goals or try to get few assists each game.

If you playing a CDM make proper interceptions and pass the ball to more creative player ahead to create goal scoring chances.

If you are plying a CB, make clean / aggressive interceptions to win the ball in crucial areas of the box and prevent your opponent from scoring goals. The more the rating you get at the end of the game, the better the chances of gaining more skill points.

FIFA 18 Pro Clubs Goal Keeper

Goal keepers have a descent upgrade in fifa 18 as well. Unlike upgrade in fifa 17 where you will have access to giant throw and driven kick, in fifa 18, goals keeper gets upgrades for his attributes (like reflexes, handing, positioning etc).

So everything is basically depends on Skill points. The better you play the better the chances of getting more skill points. The more skill points you have, the faster your player grows. Its that simple.

Drop Ins in FIFA 18

For those who play drop-ins there is no much upgrade. You will still play 5 v  5 in this mode. Apart from that you can also add emotions to your game play, a similar feature is available in PES 2018.

With simple directional pressing on D-pad you can do different actions with your pro. One such feature is applauding the pass by your team mate.

Other New Features in FIFA 18 Pro Clubs

New celebrations like celebrating with the crowd are included in fifa 18 pro clubs as well. Its such a fun feature that we have been waiting for a long time.

Vanishing spray is now available in online version of the game as well.

You may find the game mode slightly sluggish in the beginning. But if you start playing the game for 10 or more games, you will start to understand the game better and you will feel the joy in the upgraded version of pro clubs.

New Celebrations in FIFA 18 are available on Pro Clubs as well.

Following are the new celebrations in fifa 18.

  • Walk Like me.
  • Mask
  • Cell Phone
  • Hypnosis
  • Workout
  • Stir the pot.

FIFA 18 Pro Clubs – Highlights

  • Accurate and precise passing in fifa 18 pro clubs.
  • Multiple player roles for quick switching. With different skill point settings for each pro.
  • Greater number of skill points with different ways to use them.
  • Play well in the position you play to earn skill points fast.
  • Attribute upgrades like reflexes, handing, positioning are now enabled for a goal keeper.
  • 5 v 5 is the only way to get into drop ins.

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