Fifa 17 Pro Clubs Stats Reduced after First Update

FIFA 17 pro clubs rating of all players have been dropped. Personally, we found our ratings dropped from 91 to 88. There is quite a buzz around on this issue.

EA’s latest update claims that they have fixed few problems. But pro clubs players are certainly not happy with the update.

EA forums have been receiving some touch comments and here is one of them.

Oh an marty ive played 184 games atm of pro clubs in f17 to get a 94 rating.. now knocked back to 90. so yeah that’s hundreds of games isnt it. Theres people who’ve played a lot more then that and lost ratings ive got a job and a life so can only play in spare time but for those who live fifa its gota piss them off having an update that costs u stats. Itd be the same in ultimate team if they just stole 500000 off u because they’ve realized players on market are valued to high. If u make a mistake then fix it but don make others pay for your error.

Looks like the update is intentional. You can’t get to 94 rating in a month. Perhaps EA believed that the process should slow down. And we don’t think they will update the older player ratings.

Stats reduction looks like permanent for now. Few players are happy with the change too. DeanoDiMaria from EA forums says the following.

it is comical to see people hear crying ”i was 93, i was 94 ‘ ….its OCTOBER!! The game has been out less than a month and over half the community were well over 90 already…you seriously didnt think that needed addressing?

I played 1096 games on FIFA16 and even though you could ‘build’ the 91 CAM, i always played as 88 LF – it made no difference at all. After that many games, i would be annoyed if i was reset to an 81…but honestly you lot sound like spoilt little kids.’ I WANT MY STATS WAAH WAAH WAHHH’ – get over it. The stats are complete nonsense this year anyway, the FIRST game i played i was able to ‘run around’ for the entire game and not once did i run out of stamina, he could pass well , scored once, 2 assists…the game is easy.

You honestly need to have a word with yourselves and take stock from the previous Pro Clubs – you would never be that high after less than a month of release, regardless of how many games you played so stop crying cos your ’94 superstar’ is now only 90 , boo hoo

So, what do you think? Do you need your older ratings back or will you settle with what you have.

Meanwhile, check our guide on how to increase your pro clubs players stats here. And the guide that follows will help you get more skill points quickly.

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