Fifa 17 Release Time and Game Updates

Fifa 17 demo is released. People are really excited about the full game release now. There are few who are looking for early access of fifa 17 too. No wonder its such a beautiful game around.

Fifa 17 demo is really exciting. We played fifa 17 demo along with PES 2017 and both feel quite different. While some might argue PES scores more that fifa, but we surely don’t think so.

If someone says, fifa 17 is awesome, you better believe them.

Fifa 17 Release Time

Fifa 17 demo is released on 14th September 2016, Australian Timings. Few people expected the game in early hours there are those who expected them in the after noon.

When asked about the release time of fifa 17 demo, EA spokes person said, “There’s no exact time of when it’ll go live, it depends on Xbox and Sony.”

So the time of release of the game can’t be expected in advance.

If you are in UK, you can expect the full game to be released sometime in the evening. At around 6PM.

Fifa 17 Release Date

This is well known to many, but if you are one of those who is still wondering about the release date, its 29th September 2016.

Fifa 17 Game Updates

Fifa 17 demo is out with many major teams. The demo also features a small portion of latest release, the journey. Alex hunter is seen to have made it into the Manchester United dressing room as a United Striker.

Alex is seated on the bench along side Zlatan Ibrahimovic and he even managed to get an opportunity to get into the field as a substitute, which is quite exciting. Checkout the video trailer here.

Fifa 17 Demo, Things to note

  1. We don’t know how many people noticed this but Ronaldo is still rated 93 in the demo. Maybe the updated rating comes into picture only in the full release of the game.
  2. The fifa 17 game play looks real authentic, no questions asked there. The new features in fifa 17 are excellent.
  3. On field activities like throw-ins, corner kicks, free kicks and even penalties have changed a lot.
  4. Passing looks quite smooth and finishing seems to have changed a bit too when compared to fifa 16.
  5. Over all, the look and feel of fifa 17 demo is a remarkable enough experience.  There are not words to explain about the game really.

So, for now there is not much information about the release time but we shall update this post as soon as we get real time update from EA or EA Spokes person.

If you are looking for background music for fifa 17 demo release video, here is it.

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