Why Messi 93 is Rated Less Over Ronaldo 94 in FIFA 17

For almost all Messi fan’s around the world its a surprise or rather its a shock to see ronaldo’s ratings in fifa 17. The dashing left winger from Real Madrid (Ronaldo) was rated 94 over his rival messi who is rated 93.

While this is not really expected by many fans, Ronaldo has had better ratings than Messi in different departments of the game.

Messi in Fifa 17

Messi 93 in fifa 17

Note: Fifa 17 demo will be out on September 13th. That’s the official date by the way!

Messi is always considered one of the best dribbler around. EA has nothing to say about it and therefore they rated him 96. While his counter part, ronaldo is just given 91.

ronaldo 94 in fifa 17

Messi also has better passing than ronaldo. Messi stands at 86 in passing while ronaldo at 81.

The reset of the attributes clearly goes to ronaldo.

Ronaldo’s physicality is rated 80 while messi stands at 61. Ronald has better defending 33 when compared to messi’s 26.

While messi’s pace stands at 89, ronaldo’s stands at 92. Not so many changes but definitely, changes worth a watch.

Now, coming to the question in hand.

Why is Ronaldo rated over Messi

We are not 100 percent sure about the answer but we believe that Barcelon’s recent signing with their competitor Konami’s PES may have done the damage for Messi. Barcelon’s camp nou is also not available in fifa 17 because of the signing. A 3 year deal with konami may have effected player ratings to some extent.

Messi is also not available on fifa 17 cover. Reus substitues messi in fifa 17 cover.

Twitter also reacted violently saying, “Messi becomes the cover player on pes 2017 and ronaldo becomes best player in fifa 17.”

Tell us, What do you think? Do you think Messi should be rated above Ronaldo? Post in your comments below.

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    1. We are not sure if you have noticed, but ronaldo is rated 93 in the demo. Maybe he is rated more in the full version of the game. Not sure why EA released the demo with alternate ratings.

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