FIFA 17 GamePlay Features – Set Piece Rewrite

EA has added quite a good number of new features into fifa 17. These features are clearly displayed at E3. But EA has now released a video showing the all new fifa 17 set piece rewrite.

FIFA 17 New Game Play Features – Set Piece Rewrite

As a player, this feature will add a new level of complexity to defenders. The dead ball can be handled in different ways. The fifa 17 gameplay video above talks more about it.

The set piece rewrite gives you more creativity for your players and of course you have better control of free kicks, corners and throw balls.

FIFA 17 Free Kicks Player Positioning

This new feature in ea sports fifa 17 will give me more control of the match, particularly when you are playing in pro-clubs or in any mode that supports team play, like the co-op season.

The positioning of the player while taking free kicks was never allowed in the EA SPORTS versions of FIFA. The next generation game, fifa 17 will have that feature enabled for you.

You can now move your player and position him where ever you want him to. We are not sure if this feature is enabled for all the players but we hope its is enabled to all by default.

The new positioning system will allow the player to easily help the player to take free kicks to the far post or the near post. It all depends on your positioning and direction of your left stick while you take it.

FIFA 17 Penalty – Player Positioning

FIFA 17 also allows you to move the penatly taker to move his position while taking free kicks. This can confuse the keeper to some extent. However, if the positioning goes wrong, the likelihood of missing the penalty can also happen.

The run speed can also influence the opponent guessing.

FIFA 17 Targeting System

The new targeting system allows the player to place the ball where you wanted and they will run based on your positing they can make appropriate runs.

FIFA 17 throw ins

The player movement for throw-ins was also not available for any of the EA sports fifa versions. This new feature will now allow different players to make different runs, creating more opportunities to score.

We are hoping to see all these new changes in the fifa 17 demo which is likely to be available very soon. We have no official information about the fifa 17 demo release dates so far. However, we will post updates as soon as we can once the dates are revealed. Until then, its good bye.

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