Tips and Tricks to Earn Skill Points Quickly in FIFA 17

The week end that followed fifa 17 release allowed us to understand fifa 17 pro clubs better than ever. The fifa 17 pro clubs are a bit different to its previous version of the game. So, here we are to explain you the differences in the game and of course the much needed fifa 17 skill points discussion.

Earning pro clubs skill points is easy as long as you follow the rules. These rules are not standard but are the guidelines set by EA to improve player game play.

Pro clubs in general remained same when compared to fifa 16, but the changes in player growth is different in this year’s game. You no longer have to chase a big to do list to attain +1 attributes. The player growth is generalized and is fully automated.

The new concept that’s effecting the player growth in this year’s game is the skill points. Following are some points that can help you improve your player.

Tips and Tricks to Earn Skill Points Quickly.

If you are a pro club player, learn to play the game as if are you playing with your friends, the real one’s. Make proper passes and help your fellow player score in your opponents half, or help defend your fellow player defend in your own half. It’s that simple. The are no greater tips and tricks than this.

To make things simple, we generalized everything into simple understandable steps.

Simple Tips and Tricks to Follow.

I called these simple tips and tricks because they are truly simple. Following are the list you should always keep in mind.

  1. Pass the ball and make sure you complete the pass.
  2. Stay in your position. Don’t make crazy runs across the field.
  3. Always keep the procession of the ball. It’s OK to loose ball procession but don’t make it a habit.
  4. Don’t make rash tackles and challenges until and unless they are absolutely needed.
  5. Choose your traits carefully.
    1. (As defender, you don’t need fancy passing you need something like acrobatic clearances. As a striker, you need something like, finesse shot not something that’s linked to a defender.)
  6. Remember, you can always go back to make changes.
    1. Switch between traits to test and play pro clubs. Try all the traits and choose the traits that works for you.
  7. Play different positions to be able to unlock different attributes.

There is absolutely no rocket science here. These tips, as we said earlier, are the absolute basis, that’s why we called them simple tips and tricks.

All tips mentioned above will help you to improve your over all game play. This will obviously result in more player rating.

The more player rating you get at the end of the pro clubs match, the better chances of getting a skill point.

Skill points are rewarded based on your over all performance. So focus on the game-play and play; to win the game, not to earn skill points.

Play all Positions to Earn Skill Points

As we said earlier, in pro clubs, you are allowed to play at different positions. Ideally, you should be able to play at different positions in your pro club carrier to become a complete player. Yes, we believe, you should play at all positions possible to earn more skill points.

fifa 17 skill points shooting

The logic is simple. If you are a striker, the chances of getting finishing attributes are high when compared to defender attributes.

Our guess is that, skill points are distributed evenly across all possible attributes. You should be able to unlock more skill points only if you play at all different possible positions which makes complete sense, isn’t it?

So, that’s all fifa 17 tips and tricks we have for you. If you have a question to ask, please don’t hesitate to comment below.

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