How Many Skill Points do You Have in FIFA 17?

Skill points, people are getting crazy to earn more of them in FIFA 17. That’s quite obvious isn’t it? Because the more skill points you have the more your pro clubs ratings gets to.

Fifa 17 traits are quite an amazing innovation from EA. As a gamer you now have better control over your player.

How Many Skill Points We Have?

So tell us, how many total skill points do you have in fifa 17 and how did you use them?

Ok, let me share our screenshot here. We have around 20 skill points. GrislyBadge246 played less than 50 pro club matches to win those 20 skill points.

proclubs player rating

Following are the traits we have right now.

  • Finesse Shot – 3 skill points.
  • Flair – 1 Skill point.
  • Swerve Pass – 1 skill point.
  • Second Wind – Costs 3 Skill Points.
  • Standing Tackle – 1 Skill point.
  • Strength – Worth 3 Skill Points.
  • Free kick Accuracy – 2 skill points.
  • Skill Moves – 3 Skill points.
  • Week foot – 3 Skill points.

Best FIFA 17 Traits Explained

So allow us to explain why these are the best fifa 17 traits for us. The following are best traits for a CAM player. NOTE: This is just our perspective.

Skill Moves and Week Foot is absolute basis for us. Any mid fielder or a striker would want those two traits right away. These are the first traits we got when we started playing fifa 17 pro clubs.

  • Best Traits with 6 Skill Points – Skill Moves and Week Foot.
  • Best Traits with 8 Skill Points – Skill Moves, Week Foot, Swerve Pass and Flair.
    • Swerve Pass and Flair are the next traits to be acquired. Those two traits allow you to make successful passes.
  • Best Traits with 9 Skill Points – Skill Moves, Week Foot, Second Wind.
    • After getting our 9th skill point, we disabled Swerve Pass and Flair to get Second Wind. Because you want your player to have great energy at the end of the game.
  • Best Traits with 11 Skill Points – Skill Moves, Week Foot, Second Wind, Swerve Pass and Flair.
    • We got back swerve pass and flair after getting 2 more skill points.
  • Best Traits with 12 Skill Points – Skill Moves, Week Foot, Second Wind, Strength.
    • We disabled Swerve Pass and Flair again to get Strength with 3 skill points. You need to be strong to be a great player in fifa 17.
  • Best Traits with 15 Skill Points – Skill Moves, Week Foot, Second Wind, Strength, Swerve Pass and Flair, Standing Tackle.

After getting our 17th skill point, we got Free kick Accuracy. Our latest purchase after getting 20th skill point is Finesse Shot.

We didn’t want to consider taking Ball Control, Dribbling, Spring Speed and Acceleration traits because we want them to grow naturally. Once we get to 90 or 91 we will add those traits to get to 94 or 95.

What is the Maximum Skill Points Total in FIFA 17?

No one is certain about the maximum skill points in fifa 17 but i’ve heard people say that they have 23 skill points. We think it should 30. We think that’s the maximum skill points a player can ever acquire. But we are not certain though and there is no official word from EA sports, so no one is clear on this.

So tell us, how many skill points do you have and how did you use them?

Comment below to tell us your answer. Checkout the complete list of fifa 17 traits here.

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  1. 24 seems to be the cap. Being an attacking player is pretty much necessary if you have less than half a team, so WF, Skill Moves and traits that aren’t just skill boosts are the most important (Finesse Shot, Power Header, Swerve Pass, etc).

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