Skill Points in FIFA 17 – How to Grow Pro Club Player Quickly

In our previous article we talked about how to get skill points in fifa 17, today we want to give an insight on how to use them effectively for better player growth.

It is obvious that skill points give you a great boost to your ratings but its equally important to use them effectively to get high rating to a pro club player.

Fifa 17 Skill Points – How to Get Them

Skill points are rewarded to player who play the pro club games (league and cup matches only) well, and who play the game as a team. So to get more skill points you have to be a team player. Here are few quick rules.

  1. Win as many League matches / Cup Matches as possible. The more matches you win, the better the chances.
  2. Get high ratings.
  3. Win More Man of the matches.
  4. Playing “team play matches” will help in a way or the other.

Fifa 17 Skill Points – How to Use Them Wisely

I have few quick suggestions. These tips can help you for sure. Its important to think before you use your skill points.

As a part of the game, you get 6 skill points right when you enter into the pro clubs in the game fifa 17. To grow your player, its important to use the skill points wisely.

Player growth happens in two ways.

  1. Using skill points.
  2. Improvement after each pro pro club match.

So the quickest way to grow a player is by using the skill points. Right? No, you were wrong.

The best way and possibly quickest way to improve the player rating is by playing a great game and securing great ratings in fifa 17.

Here comes the trick people. Using skill points in the early stages of the game on a particular attribute means that you are restricting its growth.

Lets say you want an improvised passing attribute. Right now you are at 80. Adding a short passing player trait in fifa 17 can boost your short passing attribute from 80 to 84 instantly. But growing a players short passing attribute from 84 to 85 and then to 86 is much harder.

So instead, you should opt to play pro clubs with short passing attribute to 80.

If your aim is to grow a players short passing attribute to 94 then the easiest way to grow a player is to get to 90 with out adding any short passing trait. Once you get to 90 then add a short passing trait to give it a +4 boost.

Growing from 80 to 84 is much easier than growing from 90 to 94.

That’s why grow your player naturally. Naturally in the sense, by playing as many pro club matches as possible. Later, you can apply the short passing trait to boost your pro club player rating to the desired level, i.e from 90 to 94.

Fifa 17 Skill Points – Best Traits to Work On

Well, here are the best player traits to choose in the beginning.

  1. Five Star skills.
  2. Weak foot 5 star.

Get these two attributes right away.

If you are a striker, get the following.

  1. Power Heading.
  2. Finesse shot trait.

They can’t grow naturally, no matter how many matches you play, you can’t get them manually, you have to get them using skill points.  So choose player traits that can’t be attained naturally. Its the best way to play the game.

Hope these quick tips helped. We will update this guide with more information, meanwhile we would appreciate if you can share your input with our audience.

Keep playing and keep winning people. FIFA 17 is out and its time to rock.

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