Squad Building Challenge in FIFA 17 Ultimate Team

With fut champions in fifa 17, the player will have to build a squad and play the daily match to win tournaments.

On winning matches, you can rise up to weekly challenge. Winners get some handy rewards too.

But its important to build a proper squad before you can play match, here is a video on how to do it.

With Squad building challenges, you can now find players, build squads and exchange for rewards.

Featuring Reus and others. You can now select, Squad Building Challenges and complete the challenge.

You can now exchange clubs with teams in different leagues to earn rewards. Build a squad that fits the requirement. You can do so by finding right players in the transfer market or from gold, sliver or bronze packs.

Complete the requirements like for example, Team Chemistry 80, over all rating 80, Nationality minimum 3, and minimum number of players in squad 11.

Submit Squad and exchange for rewards. That’s how you earn coins as rewards.

EA has also revealed a new animation.

Pack opening animation in fifa 17

Pack opening is now looking so wonderful. The video above shows the pack opening of reus who is rated 87 in the game.

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