FIFA 17 Trailer and FIFA 17 Release Dates – Official

With konami making PES early announcements, its time for EA to showcase their game, FIFA 17. EA has released the Reveal Trailer featuring some cool players.

The video features players like;

EDEN HAZARD: The Belgian international who also plays for Chelsea FC. ANTHONY MARTIAL: The French national who also plays for Manchester United. MARCO REUS: German player who plays for the club Borussia Dortmund. JAMES RODRÍGUEZ: Colombian international who is famous for rocking the fifa world cup. Attacking mid fielder plays for Real Madrid. Fifa 17 demo should be our in the early weeks of September 2016.

fifa 17 trailer

Before we talk more, please feel free to check the video.

FIFA 17 Trailer Highlights

Fifa 17 trailer looks short and no wonder its just looks to me like a teaser. If you take a close look the the trailer you might find few things interesting. For those who are wondering what’s new in the trailer, here is our take.

  1. Messi is obviously replaced by 4 star players from different nations who also play for different clubs.
  2. Jose mourinho, ex Chelsea boss and current Manchester united boss is featured in the audio.
  3. Frostbite engine is the new gaming engine that will power fifa 17. Good bye Ignite engine.
  4. The debue trailer features small game clips from different versions of all ea sports fifa games.
  5. A glimpse of Manchester united dressing room.
  6. Team coach instructing their players in the fifa 17 field.

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