FIFA 17 Traits For Shooting Explained

Every one likes to score. No matter which position you play for, everyone likes to get on to the score sheet, after all scoring a goal in fifa 17 gives you a great boost to your over all rating. Which in return allows you to earn some fifa 17 skill points. Today, allow us to talk a little bit about fifa 17 traits, shooting.

Right, here is a quick guide that will explain the player shooting trait. These traits cost some skill points, so you better play more league and cup matches in fifa 17. Here is a quick guide on how to earn skill points fast.

fifa17 traits shooting

FIFA 17 Shooting Traits and Skill Points Worth

  • Finesse Shot – 3 skill points.
  • Power header – 2 skill points.
  • Long shots – 3 skill points.
  • Penalties – 1 skill points.
  • Free kick Accuracy – 2 skill points.
  • Week foot – 3 Skill points.

As a striker you will have to decide on which position  you want to play. The choice of best traits in fifa 17 depends very much on the position you play and your playing style.

If you are a striker and a target man, we suggest you to get Power Header and Week foot right away. This can cost you upto 5 skill points. You can choose for more traits as soon as you get more skill points.

If you play on the wings, say Left Wing or Right Wing as a striker or play maker. You may better choose Finesse Shot along with Week foot.

You can switch week foot trait to any other trait if you are a right footed player and play for left wing or if you are left footed player who plays on the right wing.

These positions don’t need week foot trait. If you like to shoot from distance, replace week foot trait with long shots.

Best Shooting Traits in FIFA 17

Well, the choice depends very much on your playing style. Personally, I would choose Finesse Shot along with Week Foot. Because I prefer to play on the wings, cut into the center and love to score with a curling shot into the far post.

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