Pro Clubs FIFA 17 Traits for Player Growth

Pro clubs in fifa 17 is trending day by day.  EA has released quite a good number of new features in Pro clubs. Skill Points in fifa 17 is one of those amazing features.

There are ways to earn skill points in fifa 17 and hear are some simple tips and tricks to earn quick skill points. I suggest you to go through it if you are planning to quickly boost player ratings. Now allows us to get into our next topic.

Pro Clubs  FIFA 17 Traits.

EA Sports fifa has been supporting traits for a long time. But the usage of FIFA 17 Traits is different though. Based on the feedback from fifa players all around, EA introduced a new system of using FIFA 17 Traits.

 FIFA 17 Traits list

Fifa 17 traits list has some amazing features. These traits are supported by a concept called fifa 17 skill points. If you followed our previous links, you should have a clear understanding of fifa 17 skill points by now.

You get 6 skill points when you start your career in pro clubs. You get more traits as you play more and more league and cup matches in fifa 17.

FIFA 17 Traits are categorized based on different attributes.

  1. Physical.
  2. Defending.
  3. Dribbling.
  4. Passing.
  5. Shooting.
  6. Pace.
  7. Goal Keeper.

All fifa 17 attributes have their own corresponding traits. Here is a list of fifa 17 traits. We will try to explain fifa traits meaning in detail.

FIFA 17 Physical Traits

  1. Second Wind – Costs 3 Skill Points.
  2. Strength – Worth 3 Skill Points.

physical traits fifa 17 pro clubs

FIFA 17 Defending Traits

  • Standing Tackle – 1 Skill point.
  • Sliding Tackle – 1 Skill point.

FIFA 17 Dribbling Traits

  • Flair – 1 Skill point.
  • Ball Control – 2 Skill points.
  • Dribbling – 3 Skill Points.
  • Skill Moves – 3 Skill points.

FIFA 17 Passing Traits

  • Giant throw-in – 1 skill point.
  • Swerve Pass – 1 skill point.
  • Short passing – 2 skill points.
  • Long passing – 2 skill points.
  • Crossing – 1 skill point.

FIFA 17 Shooting Traits

  • Finesse Shot – 3 skill points.
  • Power header – 2 skill points.
  • Long shots – 3 skill points.
  • Penalties – 1 skill points.
  • Free kick Accuracy – 2 skill points.
  • Week foot – 3 Skill points.

FIFA 17 Pace Traits

  • Spring Speed – 4 Skill points.
  • Acceleration – 4 skill points.

FIFA 17 Goalkeeping Traits

  • GK Long Throw – 1 Skill Point.
  • GK Flat Kick – 1 Skill point.

So these are all possible traits in fifa 17.  We will explain all fifa 17 traits and specialties in detail in this post. So that’s the list of all fifa 17 traits for you people. All traits will be explained in next update of this article.

If you are wondering, how to get traits in fifa 17, all you have to do is get more skill points. The more skill points you get, more traits you can unlock.

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