FIFA 17 Ultimate Team Cheap High Rated Players

Fifa 17 Ultimate Team has become more addictive than ever. There are quite a number of players who are struggling to find good players with cheap budget. There are lot of hidden gems in fifa 17 ultimate team and here is a list of few good players. Earlier, we wrote about the best players in fifa 17 ultimate team, make sure to check that out.

The players below is not sorted based on region or league. We are just listing out cheap high rated players with descent stats for their position.

Starting with Cheap High Rated Attacking Player / Strikers

Ahmed Musa

PACE plays a great role in fifa 17 and its important for any striker to have it in order to outrun defenders in a counter attack. Musa has 93 pace with 95 acceleration and 92 sprint. Leicester City striker has 88 balance and 90 agility which qualifies him to be in this list.

Costs: 1200 to 2000 coins. A cheap player with very good rating.

Marcus Rashford

The Manchester United young striker is worth about 1200 – 2000 coins. But with his 90 Pace and 76 finishing, he is worth a pick for a player. With Agility 86 and 80 dribbling, he is surely worth a shot.

Just give him a try if you are playing with a premier league squad.

Jonathan Biabiany

This right winger from Inter has 94 acceleration and 96 spring speed which brings his pace to 95. But the only draw back is that he has fairly less finishing. 66 finishing is less when compared to other strikers, but with one on one situations, this should be a good pick.

You can use him as a substitute in the second half to make most out of this amazing cheap high rated player. Costs any where between 1000 to 1500 coins.

Kingsley Coman

Acceleration 94 and Sprint speed 93. Balance 86 and agility 88. What else do you need from a left winger to outrun the defense. His 76 finishing should be good enough to finish things off in front of the goal. This FC Bayern München player has a curve rating of 84 which allows him to give a good cross to the Target Man in the middle.

He is worth 1600 coins to 2000 coins.


The Brazilian RW has great acceleration of 95 and a sprint speed of 91 to our run defence. His 93 agility, 88 dribbling means he can dribble pass the last defender or even the goal keeper if required.

3000 coins is a well worth it for a player of this quality.

Also checkout our article on fastest Spanish players here.

Here is a collection of best cheap mid field players in fifa 17.

Parejo – 1000 coins
Pirlo – 1000
Milner – 1600
Carrasco – 1800
Ander Harrera – 2500
Shinji Kagawa – 3100
Borja Valero – CAM – 1500 – 3000
Wesley Sneijder – 2500 – 3500
Oscar – Cam – 4900
Benat – 1000
Samir Nasri – 2700

Checkout the article linked above to know more about each player in detail.

Update 24th Feb 2017

Oxlade Chamberlain


Update 16th Jan 2017

best cheap players in fifa 17

The 79 rated right mid is doing a great job in my squad. With Cazorla in the CM and Vardy as striker, this Pacer is creating great opportunities.

I used artist card for him to bring his passing and dribbling skill. This gives him 86 vision, 88 short passing and 87 long passing. This is quite good stat for me.

Although I use him less as a dribbler, with his 89 agility and 93 balance along with ball control of 87 and dribbling of 99, he is just a beast of a player.

Great crosser of the ball although his stats says other wise. Don’t belive in the stats all the time, he is of-course one of the best cheap players in the squad. I got him for around 900 coins in the transfer market on xbox and all I can say is that he is worth more.

Cheap and Best In Form Cards in FIFA 17

We have couple of additions to our fifa 17 cheap players for fut 17. This time let me list out couple of very interesting players we have come across.

We have a Spanish La Liga squad. And we always wanted to have wonderful team with great attributes. Unfortunately for us, we don’t have many coins in our account.

So we looked for Inform cards with descent stats and these guys came up.

In Form Wissam Ben Yedder in FIFA 17

This guy is a best of a player who comes for a very descent stats. Following are his stats with Basic chemistry style.

Acceleration 91
Positioning 95
Finishing 96
Vision 89
Short Passing 90
Agility 99
Ball Control 90
Dribbling 92
Jumping 96

He kind of feels like Griezman to me.

4 Star skill moves and 5 stars week foot. What else do you expect from a player worth 32K coins.  Amazing deal. Beast of a card. He is insane with dribbling and skill moves and the passing near the box is Exquisite. His finishing, of-course is really good enough.

In Form Franco Vázquez

If you somehow managed to get Wissam Ben Yedder, make some budget for Vazquez as well. With basic chemistry style here is something you should checkout.

Vision 95
Short Passing 94
Curve 93
Ball Control 97
Dribbling 96

Strength 89

Look at the dribbling and the ball control. He is absolutely insane. With Strength 89, he can definitely control the mid field. Get him, both Vazquez and Ben yedder play for the same club so that’s a bonus in terms of team chemistry.

So these are couple of cheap fifa 17 fut player you should checkout this week. We will plan to add more players later.

Fabián Orellana In Form

If you are looking for a descent RW player with a budget of 18K to 20K, then this guy is the one for you. With Engine chemistry style here are his stats.

Acceleration 98
Sprint Speed 86
Vision 87
Crossing 88
Free Kick 94
Short Passing 92
Curve 94
Agility 98
Ball Control 92
Dribbling 99

This guy can either dribble pass defenders or  deliver a delightful cross or a create a clear chance with quick short pass. He is indeed a great player to have in your squad.


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