FIFA 17 Ultimate Team FUT17 Tips and Tricks

FIFA 17 ultimate team is often very frustrating. You spend some great amount of money and you lose games with some cheap rated teams with some cheap ultimate team players. This can happen if you don’t understand the game well.

This can happen to anyone even with teams with some descent ultimate team informs. Here are some tips that can help you add more wins than you usually get.

Ultimate Team FUT 17 Attacking Tips:


If you use Custom Tactics, then you can skip the following quoted paragraph.

Right after the ultimate team game starts, activate – High Pressure (attacking) and Team Pressing (defending). You can choose what ever you like based on your game style. If you don’t like any, just play with default. This usually works great.

Later, observe your opponents play style until his / her first attack and you can choose game play mode from anything between “Park the bus” to “Ultra Attacking” to counter his game play. If he / she is offensive then you can play a little defensive at the very beginning of the game and switch to offensive later on.

If he is playing defensive, then go a little offensive and try to sneak a goal. I mean the tactic depends on your play style, so choose something that worked for you before.

My tip: If your opponent tries to be too attacking, go a little defensive, else stay balanced.

Update 15th May 2017:

What worked for me: I always go “attacking” right after the game starts. Just one point above “Balance”. I play my first half with same.

After the first half if I score a goal or two, I go defending, that’s one point below balance. If my opponent scores a goal or two in the first half, I substitute my CDM in the 45th Minute break and active further attacking mode. This usually works for me.

If your opponent scores a goal, try to switch a little attacking styles or at least stay balanced. Don’t go defensive. If you score a goal, try to switch a little defending styles or go balanced. Adjust these settings depending on the game.

ultimate team tips

1 – Short Passing Tip: 

To make accurate short passes, always try to make sure to have the ball receiver in direct straight lane with the player who passes the ball. Make sure no defenders are very close by. Defending can be around, but make sure no defender is marking the player whom you are about to pass. The chances are that you may loose the ball if you have a marked defender around you.

The game always provides an option to pass the ball to your players. Not all players can be marked at the same time. So make sure to dribble a little and find the pass that will be 100% successful. Do this every single time.

IMPORTANT: After passing the ball (XBOX – A), immediately leave the left stick and all other buttons until the pass is made, don’t point the left stick towards the ball receiver, this will make unsuccessful passes some times. Leave left stick until the player passes the ball. Once the pass is done, always attempt to move ball receiver towards the ball so he can receive the ball quickly. This works great when your opponent is playing High pressure game with High Aggression. This will increase pass finishing rate to so much. Using this, I was able to reach 90 passing accuracy every single game.

2 – Through Ball Tips:

Pressing “Y – XBOX” “Triangle – PS4” (through pass button) used to fail a lot to me until I discovered this simple trick.

IMPORTANT: Press and hold Spring Button (XBOX – RB) (faction of second before you make Through Ball) and now Press Through ball button (XBOX – Y) with required power. Once done, immediately leave the left stick and all the buttons.

If you time it right, this will also increase the though ball rate to so much and create clear one on one chances with goal keeper. This is something that worked for me on Xbox. I am not sure if this works on play station consoles.

3 – Driven Pass Tips:

Driven passes usually work really well. But this trick will make it effective. One simple rule to not here. Always pass to a player who has no defenders very close by. Controlling a driven pass is a little tricky, so you don’t want your player to loose the ball just because he couldn’t control it.

Look around the pitch, you will always find someone in free space to make a driven pass.

IMPORTANT: Just like through ball, hold Sprint Button (XBOX – RB) (faction of second before you make Driven pass) and now hold Finesse shot button (XBOX – RT) and press – Short pass button (XBOX – A). Once done, immediately leave the left stick and all the buttons. This will create a crazy driven pass.

NOTE: Don’t attempt to move your ball receiver towards the ball. Driven pass is high power pass, controlling it while moving is risky.

Try to use this to make long passes in case if your opponents try to close short pass option for you. This will open up things to a great extent and will give you more space to create flawless attacking movement.

4 – FIFA 17 Lob Passing Tips and Tricks.

Lob passing is something that comes in really handy when used right. This can be performed really well with these two simple tricks.

But before we jump in to actual trick, here is something that you need to know. You may probably know this but for those who don’t, here is the tip. Always set Lob Passing to Manual in your settings. This is perhaps the best fifa tip I can give you this week. Assisted lob passing is not always as effective as you think, so make sure to have it manual. Many pro players suggest the same.

There are some tips I have for you today about lob passing.

  • Try to play lob pass right after your first touch. i.e take the first touch and then do the lob pass, this is a really good way to make wonderful low and quick lob passes.
  • If you can’t do lob pass after your first touch, then whenever you do a lob pass, make sure to hold the left stick for a fraction of a second after making the pass. What I mean to say is, after powering your lob pass, don’t leave the left stick, hold it for a fraction of a second and then release it. This will create nice low and quick lob pass, which is what most people want. Always remember, power on your lob pass is vital, so make sure to practice it before trying in fut champions or in fut seasons.
  • You can also try lob pass right after doing no touch dribbling. This will also create some smooth lob through balls.
  • Don’t do lob passing while sprinting, the accuracy of lob passing is often lost if you do it while sprinting. However this is not the case always. My suggestion is not to do it while sprinting.

FUT 17 Ultimate Team Defending Tips:

FIFA 17 ultimate team defending is all about positioning and pressing. It’s that simple.

Team pressing will do a great job for you automatically. All you have to do is hold player position while defending.

Don’t use second man press too much. This will disturb player positioning to a great extent. Always switch the player manually and try to jockey and block passing lanes.

Most of the time, your auto defense system will win you the ball else you should manually jockey and tackle at right time.

Update 15th May 2017:

What worked for me: I changed my “contain” button to Finesse shot button. i.e RT on my Xbox. My button controls are little different so make sure to have your “Contain” button linked to “Finesse shot button”.

Don’t use Team Mate Contain at all. This will keep your defense in place. Always use contain button to defend with player you select.

Update 25th May 2017:

I changed my setting back again. RT holds “Team Mate Contain” now. I am trying to manually control and jockey with my selected player. I am using manually controlled player to mostly block passing lanes. And applying pressure with team mate by holding RT to call a CPU controlled player.

Again, don’t over use team mate contain. Use it only when absolutely needed. Don’t use team mate contain in the penalty box. Do if you want to get banged. 

Most Important:

If your opponent is in his own half, always contain using attackers. Chasing behind while holding contain button works for me. Select player behind your opponent player. i.e,  when your opponent is at the mid half of your own field, choose your attackers to chase from behind.

Sometimes, your midfield or players right ahead of your opponent players will take ball automatically because they are in right positions.

This may or may not work when your opponent is closing into your penalty box or inside your penalty box.

When your opponent player is nearing your penalty box, try to jockey with your players ahead of him, instead of chasing him / her. Long shorts works great if fifa 17, you may risk a goal here. Sometimes you can also trick them by choosing midfielders from behind and contain them by holding them using contain button. Your opponent don’t always expect this. He always focuses on defenders before him not behind him. Switching players and tricking them is the key here.

Because you are chasing from behind, your defenders will always position themselves at right positions. So you are applying pressure from behind and your defenders are always there in front to defend long shots.

If you feel that this is not going to work, always make sure to switch back to your defenders and jockey him. Tackle at the right moment wins you the ball.

You can defend with your defenders when he gets into your penalty box. Try to contain with left back or right back also when your attacker is on the wings. You can also take support from Defensive mid fielders. This will keep your central defenders in position to take the ball away at the right time.

This is one of the best defending strategy. This has worked from me a lot. Try to use this and tell me how this has worked out for you.

Ultimate Team Substitution Tips:

Always try to have a CDM with descent passing as a substitution option along with an attacker (ST, CF, RF or LF).

VERY IMPORTANT: Always try to make substitution in the 60th Minute. If you are losing by a goal or two, bring in both CDM and Attacker. If you are winning, just bring in CDM to defend your lead. It’s that simple.

If you lose your lead later in second half, bring in Attacker immediately. This will give you one or two great chances if you attack well.

Other Useful Ultimate Team Tips:

There are some aspects of the game that can’t be categorized but you can just feel it. I will explain that with a scenario.

Your opponents play style switching between “Park the bus” to “Ultra Attacking” will effect your game. You can feel the game chance a little and your players don’t react the way you wanted them to react.

This is because of your opponents change in settings. You have to respond to those chances by bringing in your substitutions and changing your play style settings between “Park the bus” to “Ultra Attacking” depending on situation. If you remain at the same play style for long time, the game will not be so friendly with you.

You just have to react if you feel the game changes as you play by.

So that’s all I have for you guys today. Hope you found these ultimate team attacking tips and tricks useful.

All above mentioned points improved my game to a great extent.

Conclusion: I don’t use Air Balls in the Ultimate team. It can be crossing and lob passes. Controlling air ball is a little tricky, the chances of losing ball are little high. But when you use them well, they can be really deadly. You can explore more about Lob Passes and Crossing options on the internet.

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