FUT 17 Guide: Ultimate Team, Gold Packs & Cheap Coins

Fifa 17 ultimate team is one of the best features in fifa 17. Unlike pro clubs, seasons and other features, ultimate team is a completely different game. This is perhaps one of those most widely used feature in fifa 17. Here are some cool ultimate team pack openings in fifa 17.

This FUT 17 guide here will help you understand very basic stuff along with some key concepts.

FIFA 17 Ultimate Team Manager Tasks

Manager tasks should be the first thing to work out with while you enter in fifa 17 ultimate team. This will help you unlock different gold packs in fifa 17 along with some great rewards. The rewards also include some quick cheap coins.

Manager tasks will help you understand how ultimate team works in fifa 17. Manger tasks feature in fifa 17 will help you unlock great rewards while teaching you how fut 17 basics. So here is a quick manager tasks guide for you.

Under Fut Central > Manage Tasks.

manager tasks fifa 17 ultimate team

Ultimate Team Manager Task 1: Getting Started

You will have to finish 14 different tasks to be able to complete manager tasks. First of them being, “getting started”. All you have to do here is to open your starter pack.

The rewards may vary from task to task and player to player. Finishing your first task may give you a football stadium to start with. We got our football stadium as our reward.

Ultimate Team Manager Task 2: Change Club Name

As a part of your second task, you will have to change your club name. Its that simple, just change the name of your ultimate team name and you will get your second reward.

The reward for that is a bronze pack.

Ultimate Team Manager Task 3: Take your position

After building your first squad, you will have to arrange all the players into their respective positions. A Right Mid Field player should be arranged to his RM position rather than placing him at CM.

So, arranging all your players at right positions means giving a great strength to your team. Players do well when they are placed at their corresponding positions.

Your reward for this is a player on loan. You can choose from 4 different options and pick a player of your choice.

Ultimate Team Manager Task 4: Squad Reinforcements

On squad screen, select a player and bring up the actions menu. Choose swap player, then use the filter to find the type of player you want to swap into your squad from your club.

Just swap a random player and you will collect your bronze pack as a reward.

Ultimate Team Manager Task 5: View Master

This option will help you unlock 100 coins. It will also show your player status, his health etc. Just get into your squad screen, use the right stick to rotate through all player item views.

fifa 17 ultimate team view master

This will show you items like Loyalty Bonus, Manager Bonus, Nationality of the player, club for which he plays for, player position, player contracts left and his fitness levels.

These stats will help you understand how your player performs on the pitch.

As mentioned above, you get a reward of  100 coins.

Ultimate Team Manager Task 6: Green Links

Green links are created when you have players of same nationality, same club or even league side by side or adjacent to each other.This will enhance player chemistry.

The more chemistry you have, the better the players play on the pitch. It’s that simple.

Matching 2 of league, club or nationality will help you create green links. Finding players of same club is the easiest way to make green links.

You get a new pack after doing this, most likely a silver pack.

You can checkout fifa 17 traits this will help you understand the total traits available in the game and how to use them. Choose the best traits for better player growth.

Ultimate Team Manager Task 7: In Formation

Perhaps the simplest of tasks. Just change the formation of your team and you will get a reward.

Get to the manager section, change the formation to claim the reward.

Your reward is player chemistry trait.

Ultimate Team Manager Task 8: Squad Debut

Using your ultimate team, play a game. Online or offline. Play a season game or a tournament game. You don’t have to win the game all you have to do is to play one.

You get 3 items as a record. You are most likely to get 3 items of player fitness.

These are some tasks we have covered so far. We will update this post with more traits later.  Meanwhile, you can check our famous posts, how to increase pro club player ratings and increase skill points in fifa 17. You might find them useful if you also play pro clubs in fifa 17.

Update: 18th Oct 2016

Ultimate Team Manager Task 9: Contract Extension

Contracts are important part of ultimate team. To finish the contract extension task, you will have to extend players contract. Why are contracts important.

A player with zero contracts can’t play the game. So, its important to apply contracts to allow them to play more games in fifa 17 ultimate team.

The reward for finishing that ultimate team manager task is 150 coins. That’s free coins isn’t it?

Ultimate Team Manager Task 10: Getting Fit

To play well in ultimate team, your players will have to be fit. The better your player’s fitness, the better he plays. So the new task “Getting Fit” is a simple enough challenge. Get a fitness consumable from the club and apply to any player.

That’s all you have to do. You get another 150 coins just for that.

Ultimate Team Manager Task 11: Out With The Old.

You’ve got to get rid of players to make more money in ultimate team. As you go on, you will come across great teams with great skills. You will have to buy new players and better players to win matches.

You can get rid of old player by selling them in the transfer market.

The reward for this is a new bronze pack.

Ultimate Team Manager Task 12: In with the New.

Buying a new player in ultimate team will allow you to pack 300 coins right away. That’s some good coins isn’t it.

Go to the transfer market and select a player you want and buy him. That will finish this task.

The reward you get is 300 coins.

Ultimate Team Manager Task 13: Going Shopping.

At transfer market you can buy player but that’s not the only use of it. You can buy consumables that will heal players when they are injured, or train them to get better. These consumables can also change style of play.

To finish this task, head to transfer market and buy a consumable.

The reward for this is 150 coins.

Ultimate Team Manager Task 14: First Exchange

To finish this task you will have to finish a squad building challenge. We will update this article on how to do it. And the reward you get for this is a pack.

Once you finish all the tasks, EA offers you a free gold pack worth 5000 coins. That’s something unexpected. So, finish all tasks, you get more coins, more players and more consumable items to start your fifa 17 ultimate team career.

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