FIFA 17 on Xbox One S

How are you doing folks. Fifa 17 demo release date is getting closer, we are expecting the game to be out in the few week of September.  We are here with yet another exiting news but before that let us show you something. EA has released fifa 17 game play trailer. That’s the latest news from the world of fifa 17.

We’ve also come across fifa 17 game play video featuring Marco Reus himself. The first few minutes of the video below features reus introduction and stuff. If you wish to jump up to the game play video, just move it to 3:15 seconds. That’s probably the way to do it.

Well, the game also features a new free kick mode and the player didn’t get it right in the video. People has to get used to the fifa 17 new feature to take advantage of it.

Well then its time to talk about fifa 17 for xbox users.

FIFA 17 on Xbox One S

We have official confirmation that fifa 17 will be available on Xbox One S. If you are unaware of the Xbox one s, here are some highlights for you guys.

fifa 17 xbox one s

Xbox One S Feature

Microsoft claims that current generation of Xbox, which is Xbox One S will be Sleeker. Slimmer. Sharper. Checkout the embedded youtube video.

  • Xbox one s is slimmer, 40% slimmer than previous versions of console.
  • 2 TB of internal storage is better than 500 GB or 1 TB for sure.
  • High Dynamic Range means you get better picture quality in some of the coolest games for xbox.
  • 4K videos from Netflix and Amazon Video. Now, that’s cherry on top of the cake, isn’t it?

So, that’s about Xbox One S.

Now that EA has partnered with the Software Gaint, Microsoft is planning to release Xbox One S with fifa 17 in it. Xbox One S fifa 17 bundle will have digital copy of FIFA 17, apart from it, the console will also have three Ultimate Team Loan Legends. And if you have to EA Access, you will get one month free EA access for free.

With EA access, the players will be able to play the game online with their counter part.

FIFA 17 for Xbox One S Release Date

We have heard that the fifa 17 will be available 5 days prior. September 22 will be the date to be marked. If you get a new buldle of Xbox One S with FIFA 17, you should be able to play world’s most captivating sport 5 days prior to rest of the world.

How cool is that. Keep that apart, one thing to note is that you will have far less online players available to play the game with you. So that has to be a back drop.

However, Microsoft may do enough marketing to give you enough number of friends online to play fifa 17 online.

FIFA 17 for Xbox One S Price

The 500 GB version of the console will cost $300 USD and the 1 TB one will cost $350 USD and will also include Ultimate Team Rare Player Pack. That’s something cool anyways.

FIFA 17 for Xbox One S Country Releases

Not everyone are fortunate enough to get the console. For now, United States of America along with Canada and those in Europe can get the game with Xbox One S.

On the other end, Australia and New Zealand will also get the famous sporting game in an early bird access.

FIFA 17 on Xbox One

Xbox one players of fifa 17 will also get their early access. Barcelona and Camp Nou will not be available in the game which is a big disappointment. The previous cover star for all fifa games, Lionel Messi will also miss his spot on FIFA 17 cover. Reus just replaced him via fifa 17 player voting session.

So, that’s the news we have for you people. We will catch you with more updates on the game. Fifa 17 demo is not far away people, so hang on. Lets play fifa!

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